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Postcard dating - Chatchinese girl

One postcard shows seven German officers on horseback and others standing around. There is an inscription in German in the negative that shows the years 1915/16. Four of the postcards are of landscapes and are described as follows: White printing in the lower part of the cards identifies the locations as: "Fern Forest, Hawaii," "Royal Palm, Honolulu," "Blow Hole, Oahu T. There are lots of early cars in the photo & a very unusual truck. There appears to be a pile of potatoes or other root vegetable in front of one soldier. We are guessing that "Fuime" is the name of the town in the photo. The back has an inked notation "Italian Calvary at rest after passing stand June 1-1919". This is a sharp black & white photo with superb detail. The box where the stamp is placed has the following printed on the top, bottom, left, and right of the box: "AZO" with small black printed squares in the corners of the box which would indicate the 1926-1940's era. The fifth postcard to be described shows Bishop Street Honolulu, Hawaii.

The albums were purchased by IPI’s director, James Reilly, from a small independent antique shop in Girona, Spain to be added to the IPI process study collection. The other shows seven German soldiers, four horses, and buildings. A log has a saw stuck in it as though they have stopped what they are doing to pose for the photographer. One postcard shows twenty-two German officers standing in front of a painted backdrop and a framed image of an imposing bearded man who wears many medals. When held to the light the paper in this this area shows up as a thin spot. The photo shows many soldiers on horseback as well as a quantity of soldiers standing around. Many businesses line the street & there is a dentist office advertised on the balcony of one of the buildings. The name "Fuime" is inked on the front top left corner of the card. The backs show no vertical dividing line but have the word "Correspondence" printed on the left and the word "Address" printed on the right. There is a 5/8" diagonal crease at the upper right corner. The name of the city of Stuttgart can be seen in the address.. The four square AZO stamp box on the back would date the card to the 1926-1940's era. This is a sharp black & white photo with excellent detail. The top back left corner has a scuff off of the surface of the corner tip which measures 3/4" by 3/8". Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing members of the Italian cavalry. Five early twentieth century postally unused Hawaiian real photo postcards.This is an original real photo postcard of a young boy sitting in a soap box derby type race car. The back is inscribed in German in pen & pencil & is dated 1927. There is a photographic backdrop behind him that depicts a woodsy landscape. It has a divided back and the "K Ltd" stamp box of the 1918 to 1936 period. Next to the Lehmann toy is a German carousel with tin figures of a goat & people on horses. This photo is a very scarce & appealing cyanotype blue toned photo with a mat finish. Possibly a small Mardi Gras parade thru either a small Louisiana town or a less populous area of the city of New Orleans. On the back of the float there are two American flags & one flag of some other sort. The horse on the left wears a patriotic star blanket.There is the residue of what looks like stamps at the left and right on the postcard back and a smudge of something dark to the right of the dividing line. Early twentieth century black and white postally unused postcard that shows a full size early car and a similar looking toy car that is placed amusingly next to the big car so that they are a study in contrast in size. There are many girls on the float that appear to possibly be of Cajun background. On his bike there is some sort of organizational banner. This is a postally unused divided back real photo postcard showing three horses and two carriages pulled up in front of a Horse Shoeing and Repair business circa 1911, dated by the style of the AZO stamp box which has three triangles pointed up and one triangle pointed down. Bard." The condition of the postcard can be seen in the accompanying photo. The horse at center wears a star design sash & the rider wears a a long ribbon with rosettes.Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing four young girls with a flowered sand bucket. There is a note on the back of the card from Olive. The address side has a divided back with a stamp box that has a Cy Ko stamp box that is from the 1904 to 1920's period.

The postcard measures 5 7/16 inches by 3 7/16 inches.The number "503" is in penciled script on the address side. The back of the carriage has the wording "Fremden Rundfahrl" painted above a fancy crest. The back of the card was penciled, in period, "Summer of 1906". The Tichnor Brothers Collection contains approximately 25,000 office proofs of postcards of the United States published by the Boston firm Tichnor Brothers Inc. Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing members of the Royal Flying Corps.The postcard has a 7/8" long diagonal corner crease. Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing people sitting on a horsedrawn brake (a type of large carriage). The bottom front center of the card was inked, in period, "Nurnberg August 18/.06". The back has some age browning lines & toning from having been in an album for all of its life until we recently found it. The other postcard shows seventeen German soldiers standing in a graveyard where there are large crosses marking the graves. There is an early truck carrying huge barrels at the right side of the image. We believe that this photo post card dates from the World War II era.