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Blood of Shabazz Mr Farrakhan and other former officials of Elijah Muhammad’s NOI have long maintained that, following the 1964 expulsion of Malcolm X from the movement, their Messenger explicitly instructed his remaining followers to “leave Malcolm alone” and in no way cause any harm to come to him or his family.And yet, as the evidence clearly shows, these officials boldly disobeyed their Messenger.

It also raises fundamental questions as to whether or not, in the event that the NOI leader is found for such violations, the movement has adequate procedures in place through which to establish a Special Tribunal and appoint a Special Counsel for the purpose of subjecting Mr Farrakhan to a Nixon-style IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDING aimed at holding him accountable for his suspected high crimes and misdemeanours.

Rather, this article concerns itself with those alleged violations of the NOI’s institutional legal code – the so-called Restrictive Law – arising from Mr Farrakhan’s with female celebrities such as the actress-singer Lola Falana and (it’s been rumoured) the Tony award-winning singer Melba Moore.

Concerning Ms Moore, there is a further allegation that Mr Farrakhan may have ,000 in NOI funds to pay off debts owed by the soul diva during the 1980’s.

, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun.

2 Samuel -12 Contrary to what the title may suggest, this is not an article about the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) First Lady, Mrs Khadijah Farrakhan, or any of the other purported Muslim ‘wives’ of NOI leader Minister Louis Farrakhan such as ‘Sister Arifah’, ‘Sister Zinab’, ‘Sister Karen’, ‘Sister Tynnetta’ or any others.

Even more perplexing was Mr Farrakhan’s decision to parade Evelyn Williams (one of the purported ‘wives’ of Mr Muhammad) on stage when, as Mr Shabazz revealed in his aforementioned memoir, some of Mr Muhammad’s top officials (Captain Yusuf Shah, Secretary Maceo Hazziez and Assistant Minister Henry X of Harlem’s Mosque #7) had vilified both her and another ‘wife’, Lucille Rosary, as his audience into believing that Mr Muhammad had remained within the ‘up to a maximum of four wives’ matrimonial confines prescribed in the Holy Qur’an when, in reality, ‘the Messenger’ had impregnated more than of his teenage secretaries in clear violation of both Islamic guidelines as well as the RL-NOI.

To worsen matters, several of Mr Muhammad’s female companions, upon becoming pregnant with his children, had been dragged before an NOI tribunal, charged with acts of adultery and fornication and their offspring.

As far as his own Muslim ‘wives’ are concerned, Mr Farrakhan’s alleged ‘marriage’ to the late Tynnetta Muhammad has long posed something of a theological – and – conundrum.

Since embarking on the rebuilding of the NOI, Mr Farrakhan has steadfastly maintained that Elijah Muhammad (who officially passed away in 1975) is, in fact, still “physically alive.” And since ‘Mother Tynnetta’ was one of the ladies whom Mr Farrakhan presented to the world as a “wife of the Messenger” (during his 1993 Saviours Day convention) this would suggest that Mr Farrakhan may have engaged in adulterous offence in the version of Sunni Islam to which Mr Farrakhan adheres.

Since this payment was made around the time Mr Farrakhan was issuing public appeals for funds with which to purchase Mosque Maryam and other former NOI properties this transaction raises grave concerns about financial irregularities and possible carried out by Mr Farrakhan.

One question that some have raised is whether or not any of the Melba Moore funds were misappropriated from the -million loan which the NOI had received in 1985 from the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and which Mr Farrakhan had publicly proclaimed was earmarked for ‘economic development’ under the People Organized and Working for Economic Rebirth (POWER) program.

Each of the allegations contained herein derive from the writings and broadcasts of NOI dissident Lance Shabazz as well as from individuals associated with Mr Farrakhan’s elite ‘Executive Protection’ personal security detail (commonly known as the ‘E-Team’) and who have shared their revelations in a well-known NOI online forum.

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