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He programmed her to speak simple sentences to audio prompts and visually recognize Chinese characters and images.She's also the spokesperson for his startup called "Brain of Things.” As the advancements in AI improve, so too does the demand for improved AI adult chatbots and virtual relationships.

Players can customize his hair, clothing, and face, and also change his name.Participants chatting with Negobot can stay in this state, as long as they don't bring up sexual or otherwise disturbing content.If they do turn the conversation toward innuendo, Negobot will switch to the "possibly [pedophile]" level, and begin sharing more personal information, like references to a troubled home life and a desire for companionship.Just like a game player, Negobot must obey certain rules, and has a specific set of "moves" it can make.For example, Negobot will always start a conversation in a "neutral" mode, talking only about general subjects like movies or music.Players can also choose whether to go on dates or activities, to hold hands, or slap him across the face.

The device also has a built-in accelerometer that detects when the phone is tilted, which makes the boyfriend bot stumble across the screen."It's absolutely vital that you don't cross a line into entrapment, which will foil any potential prosecution."The researchers, whose paper on Negobot is available online, haven't announced any plans to modify Negobot's aggressive pursuit protocols.However, they do plan to enhance the bot's performance by giving it more features, such as the ability to recognize irony, as well as continuing to monitor linguistic trends on the Internet in order to keep Negobot sounding young, girlish and vulnerable — the perfect digital Lolita.If the sexual content increases enough that Negobot registers the user as "allegedly pedophile," the bot's objectives change again: Now, its main goal is to keep the user in conversation for as long as possible.The bot will give users fake private information and try to lure them into a physical meeting — ironically, probably the exact same goal of the alleged pedophile.If users express impatience with Negobot's persistence, the bot will play the victim, and try to guilt users into continuing the conversation because it's lonely and "looking for affection from somebody."If users ignore Negobot, then the program will try to recapture their attention by eventually offering sexual favors in exchange for attention.

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