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In case of sudden symptoms of fever, chills, painful and inflamed lymph nodes, or shortness of breath with coughing and/or blood-tainted sputum, travellers should immediately contact a medical service.Travellers should avoid self-medication, even if for prophylaxis.

Eighty-three percent of 6492 individuals identified as contacts of a person suspected of having plague have completed follow-up monitoring, which includes a seven day follow-up and a course of prophylactic antibiotics.Many Malagasy operators invest in this sector and many foreign investors even some giants relocate to the country for many reasons.Madagascar presents an interesting renewable energy potential yet remains underexploited.She cut her teeth at The Daily Vox in Cape Town before moving to Johannesburg and joining the M&G.She's written about memory, race and gender in columns and features, and has dabbled in photography.Prophylactic treatment is only recommended for persons who have been in close contact with cases, or with other high risk exposures (such as bites from fleas or direct contact with body fluids or tissues of infected animals).

Upon return from travel to Madagascar, travellers should be on alert for the above symptoms.Based on available information and response measures implemented to date, WHO estimates the risk of potential further spread of the plague outbreak at national level remains high.The risk of international spread is mitigated by the short incubation period of pneumonic plague, implementation of exit screening measures and advice to traveller to Madagascar, and scaling up of preparedness and operational readiness activities in neighbouring Indian Ocean islands and other southern and east African countries. WHO is re-evaluating the risk assessment based on the evolution of the outbreak and information from response activities.The Malagasy authorities must immediately and unconditionally release an environmental activist detained on politically motivated charges, Amnesty International said in a letter to the government.Today marks exactly six months since Clovis Razafimalala was detained for allegedly destroying public property and documents in a protest that he never attended.Based on the available information to date, the risk of international spread of plague appears very low.