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Milwaukee must actually be tame compared to some stuff i have heard about differnt cities on BL. I mean is it just a rundown part of town where really all you need to worry about is some panhandlers and a few shady souls, or is it the gang infested crack/heroin dealer/whore/junky mecca of the world? My coworker that has been living in the ghetto for 5 years has been robbed 3 times so far. corner of 7th and Tryon I was one of only 5 white kids to live there and talk about track stars I can feel ya. As far as the eastside/westside thing..are both pretty trashy.Do you ever cop or even attempt to score in the hood or is it to risky and just plain fucked up? I'm gonna write a book before I'm 30, about living in the south. Dayton has been ranked in the top 15 for most dangerous cities to live in for quite some time now. The reason for that is because one of the ways to join the gang is you need to rob somebody, so that is why a lot people get robbed their. When you walk down street you see people selling drugs (mostly coke and weed) on the corners. Lookouts hawkin while ya work the corner and use your chirp phones when the police would make the block. Dayton has been ranked in the top 15 for most dangerous cities to live in for quite some time now. The white trash live on the eastside, and black trash live on the westside.

When these minors activated their webcams, unbeknownst to them, Miller was watching and recording. “There are no words to convey just how disturbing cases are that involve the sexual exploitation of children.Miller specifically targeted webcams used by minor-age females and sought to, and at times, did, obtain, view, and record at least some motion images of these minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, without the minors knowing that Miller was watching and recording. Computers are a necessary and important part of life today.Miller was on probation with the State of Ohio and was a registered sex offender when he was arrested on November 28, 2005. But they are also a means by which people can exploit the vulnerable.heh dayton really isnt that bad at all, there are very specific parts of the city where it isn't save to go, but overall it isnt that bad people get robbed/shot/stabbed for sure..its not like hearing gunshots is commonplace (except for a few select parts of the city....) stay out of dope hoods, stay out of parkside, and stay out of northland and use common sense Here some nice pics of my arm and the scars I got putting in work as a kid.172 stiches, 12 hours reconstructive surgery and 2 years therapy later I can use my hand.Thats why unless you have bodyguards and your wearing a vest you should never wear anything expensive anywhere in public. Colombia corruptions so thick that they even have access to your bank account balances and other such information usually the second you enter the country, 'they' usually being the FARC and their freelancing kidnappers. I could take you for a walk through the slums and guarantee youd see a dead body sometime during that day. You think you've seen ghetto, you aint seen nuttin. I've only gone for the car ride to score one time, and I wasn't too happy. And yes the eastside is pretty much white trash and the west is black trash. I'm mostly talking about the Marathon on Gettysburg and the Sunoco on W.3rd St. Every time I drive by one of those it's covered in old Lincolns, Caddies, and black men wearing badannas and that weird shit some of them wear on their heads.

I know this probably sounds racist, but really, have you ever been the only three white people in a 5 mile radius? But it IS on the top 15 most dangerous list every year. Anyone who packs and is walking the street is a gangsta IMO. I'm from the burbs, so yeah i don't for sure if they are in gangs, but you outta get what I'm trying to say.I know a guy whose missing both his hands cause he didint pay a 0 debt to the cartels, they even cortorised (SP?) his wounds so he wouldnt bleed to death while they gave him a firm blunt force beatdown. then 100 feet away in any which way is nothing but slums to the hillsides. PM me or visit my Patreon ( will be selling the Empty Bed book on Feb 13th and performing as The Canadian Romantic an ode to The Man From Hong Kong's love scenes in a screening of the Ozploitation classic The Man From Hong Kong at The Royal Cinema, info here:https:// On Wed Feb 14th is an opening for a special group art show at Weird Things in Toronto (998 Bathurst) called Valentimes. Only 10 dollars if you purchase The Empty Bed heartbreak book as well.Parents needs to be extra vigilant and communicate with their children to help prevent this type of behind-closed-doors activity.

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