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Hilary Duff once graced our TVs as the teenage sensation Lizzi Maguire, which became her platform towards success, fame, and fortune.Aside from acting, she also forayed into music and fashion, endeavors which helped her build a $25-million net worth.

Andrews started her professional career as a journalist in 2000 and soon carved a spot in ESPN in 2004.The actress, who starred in Billy Madison, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Mortal Kombat, finds herself still married to Sampras for more than a decade.14 years into the relationship, Wilson has amassed an million estate, the bulk of which is coming from her acting career.This gorgeous goddess of the catwalk has showcased several skills outside modeling, appearing in a number of films as well.Gisele’s already large net worth has found a significant boost when she married American football superstar New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.Bearing the Gretkzky name, being daughter to hockey superhero Wayne Gretzky has its perks and advantages, which led to successful modeling and singing careers.

Basking in a net worth of million, Paulina is set to get richer once she gets married to Hunter and a lot more once she inherits 25% of her father’s 0 million estate.

Known to her diehard fans as Posh Spice, Victoria soon found herself in the fashion industry long after she dropped her singing career.

Being a success both as an artist and a fashion expert, Victoria already had a sizeable net worth by the time she started dating soccer legend David Beckham.

Celebrity marriages, though highly celebrated, tend to fizzle shortly after tying the knot.

However, you can count Bridgette Wilson’s union to tennis superstar Pete Sampras an exception.

The tempting siren has the chops to sell albums and pack concert venues to the brim, the earnings from which basically make the bulk for her 0-million estate.

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