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And were there others in my daughter's harem of sexual debauchery? Thank you for making me your slut," Chloe absurdly thanked her, a few minutes into the fucking. Oh God, fuck, oh, oh, oh, God, do with it as you please, Mistress." My daughter picked up the pace and was now really bucking up and down and into her sub's pussy.My daughter began to meet Chloe's strides by bucking her ass up and this seemed to drive Chloe crazy. My own hand was frantically pumping in and out of my needy pussy as I watched the sexy scene of submission.

My 18-year-old daughter's moans began to get louder and then I was stunned again. I continued watching, unable to take my eyes off the lesbian act." I watched as Chloe climaxed, her whole body pulsating, as she leaned forward and my daughter continued to thrust the plastic dildo in and out, hard and deep.My own orgasm was building and I closed my mouth tight and gritted my teeth to prevent the scream that my body desperately wanted to release.My daughter discarded the dildo, flipped Chloe onto her back and straddled the still coming girl's face demanding, "Make your Mistress come." Chloe weakly leaned up to meet my daughter's pussy and the shy girl licked eagerly.Unable to hold back my crescendo of pleasure, I moved away from the door, leaned against the wall and fingered myself to my long overdue and much need orgasm.I suddenly wished that big cock was in me and slid two fingers easily inside my oven of lust.

Chloe's moans were loud and I wondered how many times my daughter had devoured Chloe. "You do, you do, Mistress," the little church mouse moaned. " my daughter demanded, "Say the word cunt." Chloe's breathing was getting erratic now as she half moaned-half screamed, "My cunt, your cunt, you own it.

You really are a bad girl," my daughter teased, climbing back onto the bed.

She lay down on her bed and demanded, "Climb on, slut.

Chloe bobbed back and forth on the cock eagerly like a cheap slut. My daughter being a dominant lesbian...although the dominant part doesn't surprise me..has always been a powerful, stubborn personality, like her father was. "How would Reverend Wells feel if he walked in right now and saw his precious innocent daughter turned into a complete submissive dyke?

I just couldn't in a million, trillion, years fathom any of this: 1. " Chloe moaned onto the cock, clearly turned on by the verbal humiliation. " Taking the plastic dildo out of her mouth she begged, her usually quiet voice adamant and eager, "Oh God yes, Mistress, fuck my slut box with your big cock." "Using our Lord's name in vain, my slut?

As it spread through me from my toes all the through my body to my cheeks, I imagined it was me riding my daughter's big dildo. The image was vividly real, me begging to be my daughter's slut, begging to be a whore.