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The debate will come up for context but this article is NOT on the debate.In fact, as the Christ Myth article shows its very definition varies so wildly that some versions would be considered historical Jesus positions.

The Judaic elements of his religion were, in time, nearly all eliminated, and the Pagan elements, one by one, were incorporated into the new faith.My point at present is that even if we proved the founder of Christianity was executed by Herod the Great (not even by Romans, much less Pilate, and a whole forty years before the Gospels claim), as long as his name or nickname (whether assigned before or after his death) really was Jesus and his execution is the very thing spoken of as leading him to the status of the divine Christ venerated in the Epistles, I think it would be fair to say the mythicists are then simply wrong.I would say this even if Jesus was never really executed but only believed to have been Because even then it's still the same historical man being spoken of and worshiped." As noted before much of the debate regarding a historical Jesus mixes a possible flesh-and-blood Jesus with the Jesus of the Gospels.[...] John Frum, if he existed at all, did so within living memory.Yet, even for so recent a possibility, it is not certain whether he lived at all. Paul states that he personally got his information through revelation rather than through physical contact, The short version of it all, essentially: all the evidence in the world (thus far amassed) hoping to lend plausible confirmation (or, at times, even general support) to the case for a historical Jesus leaves much to be desired.But he cannot very well have been all of them at the same time.

My point here is simply that, even if there was a historical Jesus lying back of the gospel Christ, he can never be recovered.Every "historical Jesus" is a Christ of faith, of somebody's faith.So the "historical Jesus" of modern scholarship is no less a fiction." But these theories like all the others are simply turning Jesus into a tabula rasa ventriloquist dummy and no more give a picture of the actual man (if there was one) than the Gospels do. His existence and death is a critical point for virtually all Christians, and his life being exactly as detailed in the Gospels is important to many Christians.As a result nearly all presentations of evidence gravitate to the Triumphalist end of the spectrum: "Either side of the historicity debate will at times engage in a fallacy here, citing evidence supporting the reductive theory in defense of the triumphalist theory (as if that was valid), or citing the absurdity of the triumphalist theory as if this refuted the reductive theory (as if that were valid)".So some basic criteria as to what a historical Jesus even is must be set down and for the sake of simplicity this article will use Carrier's criteria for a minimal historical Jesus with regards to the evidence: "But notice that now we don't even require that is considered essential in many church creeds.This is effectively the "everything else" position where Jesus is a composite character formed out of many messiahs as seen with John Robertson's suggesting that several messiahs were composited together, G A Well's position that a legendary figure of a previous century inspired Paul but an actual person in the 1st century inspired the Gospels, or the idea that the gospel account grew out of various other myths."A Historical myth according to Strauss, and to some extent I follow his language, is a real event colored by the light of antiquity, which confounded the human and divine, the natural and the supernatural.

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