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I would want to easier the Data Grid View Text Box Cell editing by allowing the user to validate their entry by pressing Enter or cancel it by pressing Esc. Width = 195; -- -- rows local row = dotnetobject "Data Grid View Row"; local cell = dotnetobject "Data Grid View Text Box Cell"; row. but when Data Grid View control is in Max Rollout it doesn't work. I will try to restore this editing behavior inside max rollouts by extending the current Data Grid View like you did...

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Should I set the Multi Line property of the control, then check the keys and cancel the Enter to interpret it as a validation?

Then I could have a look at your fork and see how this could be solved.

The easiest would be to fork the Pdfium Viewer project and modify the Demo project to reproduce this issue.

Enter): print "Enter"; ) ) on dgv Editing Control Showing sender args do ( -- args. Accepts Return = true; dot Net.remove All Event Handlers args. Control "Key Down" Text Key Down; ) ) create Dialog roll_Text Editing;hmm... we have to change the control's style to accept all keys. Style is only graphics stuff like Margin o r Padding, isn't it?

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Formatted Valueで取得できます。 問題は変更前の値の取得方法です。 Get Valueメソッドで取得すればいいのですが 下記の1では変更後の値が返ります。2では変更前の値が返ります。 1.以下の操作で発生するイベント Enterキーで編集状態にする セルに入力 Enterキーで編集状態を終了する Tabキーでセル移動 Cell Enter Cell Begin Edit Cell Editing Control Showing Cell Parsing Cell Value Changed ※セルの値が変更された場合のみ発生する。 Cell End Edit Cell Leave Cell Validating Cell Validated 2.以下の操作で発生するイベント マウスダブルクリックで編集状態にする セルに入力 マウスクリックでセル移動 Cell Enter Cell Begin Edit Cell Editing Control Showing Cell Leave Cell Validating Cell Parsing Cell Value Changed ※セルの値が変更された場合のみ発生する。 Cell Validated Cell End Edit Cell Validatingイベント内でGet Valueメソッドで取得する値はあてにならないので Cell Enterイベントでインスタンス変数に変更前の値を退避しておき、 Cell Validatingで退避した変更前の値と変更後の値を比較し、ユーザによる変更があったかどうかを判定します。 Public Class Custom Multi Row Sheet Inherits Grape City.

Cell Event Args) '変更前の値を記憶します。 Me._Original Value = Me.

)without a snippet there is what you have to do: # use Editing Control Showing event to get an editing control # add Key Down event to this control # use Key Down event to catch and handle keys (including ESC, and ENTER)Sorry for the lack of snippet... No this not works, you can use max rollout or form as main dialog where you can put all yours controls ei. So I was trying to elaborate a dirty workaround to keep the advantages of max rollouts without their downsides.

I saw your solution in another thread and tried it but it didn't catch Enter and Esc (others keys were well catched) , whether I set Accept Returns or not. But if you know an easy way to reproduce max rollout behavior with full dotnet objects and forms, it is even better!

guten morgen, ich weis nicht was ich falsch mache aber meine Combo Box Cell in einem datagridview verhält sich komisch. jetzt möchte ich aber dass man auch andere Werte eingeben kann.

das problem dabei ist dass beim ersten mal "schreiben" eines neuen wertes dieser nicht als .value angenommen wird ...

This is a community of tens of thousands of software programmers and website developers including Wrox book authors and readers. By joining today you can post your own programming questions, respond to other developers questions, and eliminate the ads that are displayed to guests. I'm having a problem determining where I can actually set a property to enforce the values typed into a cell in a grid to uppercase. something like this (however this doesn't work) private void dg Facenames_Cell Formatting(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Formatting Event Args e) Thanks in advance Try this instead: When you go to populate the Grid View with data from sql, instead of doing: SELECT [column] from table try: SELECT Upper([column]) as column from table hth ================================================== ========= Read this if you want to know how to get a correct reply for your question: ========= Technical Editor for: Professional Search Engine Optimization with ASP.

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