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Hair gel and antacids are not new products, but it is easy to see that varieties and companies can be popular at a point in time, but then other companies rise to replace them.There were still some healthcare products that were easily recognizable, such as the Listerine bottle mentioned in a previous post.

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Glass types included flint glass, blue and green glass, and artistic colored swirls, used for decoration and paperweights often made by the glass workers during their lunch hour. Whitall Tatum entered the insulator manufacturing market in 1922, mass-producing them for use on power and communications lines across the country.

The Whitall Tatum Company, or Whitall Tatum, was one of the first glass factories in America.

Located in Millville, New Jersey, it was in operation from 1806 through 1938.

It has been interesting to learn about how the process for making bottles has changed throughout time because it is something that I normally would not have the opportunity to research.

For my research project this semester I have decided to focus on learning what I can about health in East Lansing around that time.

This suggests that this particular portion of the landfill was used during that time period. The bottles show us a rare glimpse of the different kinds of products used by people living in East Lansing at the time, from health products to milk and alcohol bottles.

The process of dating the bottles was not too complicated, mostly due to the guide the Society for Historical Archaeology has that explains the changes of bottle morphology though time.In 1838, John M Whitall became a partner in the business.He lived in Philadelphia and worked at the company's headquarters there.The site where Brody Hall stands today (intersection of Harrison & Michigan Ave) was once used by the city East Lansing as a landfill.There is little historical documentation on the landfill, which made it difficult to find information about the site.The healthcare products we found were Wildroot and Vitalis, haircare products that are still around, but have fallen out of common use.