Bob dylan dating history

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Often people might find there is a gap between the actual self (who one is), and the ideal self (who one wants to be).Johanna is Bob Dylan's (the narator or 'little boy lost' in the song) ideal self.

But he still missed their intimacy, the intimacy you have with someone on many levels when that person is a fellow creative artist with whom you are in love.

An early working title for this song was "Freeze Out." Dylan was known to be living in the city in the autumn of 1965.

It's possible to imagine the feeling of riding out the night of the blackout in a cold apartment building surrounded by the eeriness of the dark, power-deprived city.

This Song--Visions of Johanna--is about Joan Baez primarily and the thoughts he has, the visions he has which revolve around her and their musical and intimate relationship.

The previous "meaning" which previously appeared here is TOTAL NONSENSE meant to deliberately mislead the reader.

I've lived in New York City for the past 15 years and no song comes close to it's melancholy spirit as this one.

My theory is that it is about his affair with sara and joanne, but he reverses the two Louise is joanne and sara is Johanna.) "In this room the heat pipes just cough" (noisily struggling, but providing little heat?) The ghost of 'lectricity (the absence of electricity/electrical light?I also used to think that there were two couples or three people in the scene, bob, louise and others maybe a boyfriend of louise, but now in my own personal assessment i think there's only two: Zimmerman and Louise, and he is realizing that he doesn't love louise anymore, and is haunted by his profound love for johanna. He is every where else he could be, yet still stranded in the room.New york becomes a reflection and in turn reflects the scene. I have looked at all the comments, I agree with bits out of each of them.) Again, I only submit these interpretations as a suggestion that this significant event may have provided the inspiration for the surreal essence of the lyrics of "Visions of Johanna." Regarding the interpretation of the overall meaning of the song, I have enjoyed reading everyone else's submissions here and considering their various points of view.

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