Consolidating excel worksheets

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Consolidating excel worksheets

A name in List C means the corresponding name from List A was also found within List B.In the screenshot above, cell D5 displays the “Moon Barrientos,” which means that name was found on both List A and B.

This example demonstrates how to determine if a particular value – in this case a name – in List A also exists within List B.There are 3 major formulas for combining data from different tables or worksheets: VLOOKUP, SUMIFS and INDEX/MATCH.VLOOKUP and SUMIFS are rather popular whereas INDEX/MATCH is usually not that well known.You can use the Before sheet: box to stipulate the order that the sheets are in.Repeat this process with the rest of the sheets you want to merge. Sometimes, you might want to take more than one dataset and present it as a single sheet.Unfortunately, this process isn’t suitable if you want to merge cells with text in them — it only works with numerical data. This will come in especially handy if you perform this task on a regular basis. This fact should illuminate one of the most important lessons about Microsoft Excel: it’s always good to plan ahead.

First, make sure that all the workbooks you want to combine are in the same folder on your computer. Open Filename:=Path & Filename, Read Only:=True For Each Sheet In Active Workbook. Merging different data sets after the fact is always going to cause a few headaches, especially if you’re working with large spreadsheets that have been in use for a long time.

So what is the difference between these 3 formulas and which one should you use?

VLOOKUP is probably the best known formula for getting data from another table.

As I previously discussed, Excel provides many useful ways to automatically compare two lists of data or information.

In our other example we compared two lists of four digit account values; for this example we’ll compare two lists of names.

Select Sum from the dropdown and then use the button in the References field to access your spreadsheet so you can select the data you need.

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