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There are more than 4 million of them, and they’re all tagged #vscocam.The photos were posted directly from VSCO Cam, which has quickly emerged as the premier mobile photography app on i Phone (and soon, on Android).

With VSCO Cam, the company brought its trademark filters and editing tools to mobile.For instance, here’s one for all of the girls and boys of summer out there – inimitable Beach Hunters! Loaded with content from the best nudist beaches where people sunbathe naked and even get it on with each other, this site will surely make you feel hot! "The concept that a good photo is one that has lots of textures or colors is something that we wanted to dispel," says VSCO co-founder Greg Lutze."The composition, the lighting, and the subject matter are what’s interesting, as opposed to if there’s 10 layers of filters and light leaks in it." There’s no doubt that popular apps like Afterlight can generate some pretty cool effects, but VSCO is aiming for something more authentic.One filter, C3, emulates modern negative Fuji film stocks using contrast and gritty green tones.

Another, LV1, was built in partnership with Levi’s and emulates classic slide film.The app’s meticulously crafted filters could make anything look good, it seemed.Years later, all of your friends and maybe even your parents use Instagram, which means it’s filled with photos of not-so-pretty things like oversaturated cloudscapes, blurry selfies, and group photos washed out by an i Phone flash.Whereas Instagram set out to make your mobile photos look — which is arguably the next step for mobile photography now that phone cameras are sharp enough.No longer must we overcompensate for poor low-light performance and noisy post-processing.So, the more videos you publish, the more traffic you will be getting in the long run.

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