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Peter krause dating - planty of fish dating

After the third time he did it, there's nothing.We're waiting to hear because they're outside on the patio; that's where they're watching it from.

We worked together years ago and there was some attraction, but he's married." I went, "Oh, OK, that's it!We've been an item; we're going together." I said, "That is so fabulous! Kelly: I do think he was, though I don't think she should have been strictly with anyone because she was too young. One of the greatest pleasures of working on shows like this is that I enjoy watching the actors—who are all younger than me now—and their careers." I saw her a couple years ago when she was in New York and reminded her of that conversation and she didn't remember it. I love seeing how they're doing and seeing them getting good gigs and doing well.I thought that was—and I'll never work with these people again, so I can say this—that it was rather contrived. I was trying to eat a hamburger with a knife and fork. But I think if I was to sit down and watch it, there would be three or four that I completely forgot about that I loved.Glamour: What do you get most when fans come up to you on the street?Glamour: Amy shared some sweet memories of Ed on set. One scene we were doing—he was down the table from me and it was just his coverage, so I think the girls were able to leave and I was just reading to him.

She said he always joked when he didn't want to do a take again. It was kind of complicated, so we go back and forth with dialogue a few times.

We’ll always be rooting for Lorelai Gilmore to find love (*cough* with Luke *cough*) — so, of course we’re ecstatic that the woman behind the legendary character is so happy in her current relationship.

Okay, so maybe “Gilmore Girls” has been dead for well over three years now, but we still want Lauren Graham to adopt us and drag us to Friday night dinners in Hartford.

It will also be interesting—and I alluded this to Amy when I spoke to her the other day—because it would have a lot to deal with the passing of Richard and the way the girls relate to not only losing him, but how they relate to me and supporting me. That becomes a very thick, complicated dynamic that would have not been in place had Ed stayed with us. I act like we're doing it, but I don't even know if we are! I think she would really go to some amazing places because in Amy's life she lost her father, who she adored, while we were doing .

That profound loss is still very close to her, so I'm sure she has a lot to say about it.

Kelly Bishop: Without Ed…you see, if you had asked me last year, I would have had a different answer.

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