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Let's just say I never thought I was going to meet anyone worth my time, my effort, my feelings, and ultimately worth a disclosure. He works a crazy schedule so we didn't meet in person until a couple weeks later. We had our first date and it was hands down THE best first date I have ever been on. The weekend after our first date I met up with him and we went on a late night drive into the mountains and watched the meteor shower. It prevented me from having a hurried awkward disclosure.

It’s an utterly plain-spoken atmosphere, real and so very right, and the results are stunning in their simplicity: “Judgement Day” finds Michael Mc Donald dialing back the vocal tics that sometimes consume his performances these days; instead, he sings with a fiery, unfettered determination.

Alex Hedger, therapist and clinical director of Dynamic You Therapy Clinics, encourages parents to take breaks from the demands of both their children and their partner in order to “prevent cracks appearing in either partner’s well-being – or the relationship.” Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, a certified life and relationship coach, describes those potential cracks as “regret and resentment toward your partner….

You’ll find yourself giving your partner the angry side-eye, and it’s all because you didn’t make time for you.” While experts agree that down time is crucial for both parents, David Ezell, therapist and clinical director of Darien Wellness, argues it’s particularly important for women.

Six years, two kids of my own, and countless sleepless nights later, I understand.

As I’ve come to learn, taking time for yourself once you become a parent is not a luxury but a necessity.

Peel off all the labels and you’re still there, even if you’re buried under laundry and dinner prep and birthday party invitations. Vikki Ziegler, the author and divorce attorney best known for her starring role in Bravo TV’s “Untying the Knot”, calls prioritizing your own interests a chance to “nourish your soul.” Dating coach Corrine Dobbas calls it a time to “rejuvenate and foster [your] sense of self.” Whatever you call it, it is vital to stay in touch with what makes you uniquely you – the person your partner fell in love with in the first place.

Alex Hedger uses the analogy of a sports team to illustrate the importance of each half of a couple bringing their best self to the relationship.

“There’s nothing that makes me miss home and my husband like not having him around,” says Baily, “and we take that time to send each other texts we wouldn’t want our kids to read, and by the time we see each other again – well…we’re ready to see each other again.” While it’s not always possible to get away for long stretches of time, Jenni Skyler, certified sex therapist and director of The Intimacy Institute, encourages couples to get creative with the limited time they have.

She says it is especially important for new moms to have what she calls “restorative, regenerative time” in order to show up to the relationship sexually.

Honored as columnist of the year five times by the Associated Press, Louisiana Press Association and Louisiana Sports Writers Association, he oversaw a daily section named Top 10 in the U.

I was pregnant with our first child when my husband and I attended a friend’s 40th birthday party. “I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night.” Our friend turned his gaze to his wife. “No, this is actually the perfect birthday treat,” our friend insisted.

Marriage counselor and author Patricia Bubash says when each partner carves out time for their own interests, not only does it give them something to talk about, but it also gives partners a chance to see each other “as interesting individuals, not just a wife [or] husband.” Whether you take an hour for a kickboxing class, an evening with friends, or a weekend to go on a yoga retreat, taking time apart give you and your partner a chance to miss one another.

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