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We have similar interests, she takes care of herself, and I’m three inches taller than her. (This girl was a newer user so not much of her profile was filled out except for the about me section which went into detail about herself and what she wanted in a man.) Hello, I too enjoy the simple things in life like being outside on a sunny day enjoying a bike ride, golfing, or taking my dog for a walk.Hopefully, she has a good sense of humor.) You might be the woman of my dreams. My name is Stephen and I started golfing last year and began doing Cross Fit back in June. You mentioned being career oriented, what do you do? I have one more year of medical school and three years of residency. If you can’t enjoy the simple things, then how will you react to nicer things?

The final more essential piece of advice he gave me was to approach the hottest girl at the event first, so all the other hot girls would see my confidence. I had never put this much effort into meeting girls before, so I thought it might work.

Plus, as the weeks progress I’m getting more muscle with Cross Fit. Back on track with the story, I told my trainer about this event. I took photos of all my professional clothes, and he picked out my outfit of dress pants, button up shirt with sleeves rolled up, top two buttons unbuttoned, and dress shoes/belt.

Plus, he told me to show up fashionably late, go straight to the bar, get a drink and scope out the situation so as to not appear too eager.

In a few years I will be a Family Medicine physician, so making people feel comfortable comes pretty natural to me and will be an integral part of my job.

I also agree that the best relationships start as friendships that have a spark and become something more.

Anyways, my gym is closed on Sundays, so I made up my own Cross Fit workout for today.

I called it “The Neighborhood”: 5 rounds for time I did it in with a quick and needed bathroom break during push ups in the fifth round. There is still the rest of August left to try and get someone to respond. (This girl is a real keeper if she messages me back.

You seem like a great girl who knows what she is looking for.

Would you be interested in getting to know each other better by going for a hike or sharing a meal together to see if we have similar vibes?

I see no girls who I find attractive, so I return to the bar to sit.

I went to the event alone, and there is two and a half hours to go before it’s over, and I feel like I have made a mistake.

So I get to the bar that evening, and start following the instructions.

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    He thought about it for a second and was like, “Eh? Whenever people tell him he’s good looking (for an Asian guy), he’s always like “I know, right? I can see why you picked him over an American.” Like… I thought it was touching they wanted to include me in this family tradition.