Dustin zito and heather marter still dating

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Dustin zito and heather marter still dating

Taking it seriously was something Marter’s parents didn’t want her to do either and they were worried about her not completing her degree in, appropriately enough, TV production.

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“I was in a place where I needed to get out and that was my out,” says Zito. They break up, and in the next episode, Zito kisses another roommate, Heather Cooke.“My parents gave us everything they could because we almost lost my brother.But I became more reliable on myself.” Marter was a junior at Monmouth when she saw a flyer for an open-call in Philadelphia for “The Real World.” “I wanted to be a casting director and I never actually thought about getting on the show,” says Marter.After months of waiting and interviews in Los Angeles and New York City, Marter got the call—that she wasn’t expecting.“I always told my friends that thousands of people are doing this thing and I really didn’t take it seriously,” says Marter.At that moment, Zito seemed like the worst gamble that Marter took while living in Sin City.

Instead, years later, he ended up being the best one.“But I wasn’t shocked because I knew they would love her.This is right up her alley.” Though, it must’ve suited her.“When she was five, her brother had a brain tumor and we were in and out of the hospital a lot.This caused her to become more flexible and strong.” Marter also matured and became independent, which she credits with helping her deal with difficult situations on “The Real World.” “I was with a lot of family members and bounced around to different houses and schools,” says Marter.Battle of the Exes is the 22nd season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge. It takes place in the Dominican Republic and Iceland, with former cast members from MTV's The Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat II and the Spring Break Challenge competing.