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And this week, Mr Rogozin came under criticism for spending 9m roubles (£120,000) on flying a business jet to the failed launch.“There needs to be more transparency, and better wages for ordinary engineers,” said Mr Luzin.

Those specialists who remained are capable and dedicated, he said, “but they are now all dying at their posts”.One of the saddest aspects of last week’s incident, he said, was that 18 of the 19 satellites had been created by teams of university students: “It was a great idea to try to encourage college kids into the aerospace industry.” The former Nasa engineer said that Russia’s continued difficulties in space represented “bad news for everyone”.“At its peak, the Russian space programme was critical to the US,” he said. The rocket was a direct descendent of the one that sent Yuri Gagarin to space, and has been refined thousands of times since.Upon lift-off at 8.42am Moscow time, there seemed little else for Mr Rogozin to do but to declare the mission a resounding success.It was only the second launch at Russia’s new far-eastern Vostochny Cosmodrome, so there was a festive atmosphere.

The equipment – the Soyuz 2-1b rocket, Fregat booster, and associated payload of 19 satellites – was well-worked and considered reliable.Like elsewhere in Russia, however, there are serious problems with how the money is spent.The new Vostochny Cosmodrome, introduced to reduce reliance on the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, was plagued by endless scandals of corruption and mismanagement.And Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin, who has been responsible for the Russian space programme since late 2011, has been attracting a large part of the criticism.Tuesday’s crash was, after all, the tenth under his watch.Those figures are a fraction of the money spent by Nasa.

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