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Undercling this to its top, then up the slab to a tree with a fixed anchor.80'Shake and Flake 5.5 PG 85' Step right on the slab to reach a shallow left-facing corner.

Follow this to its top, then go up and right on blocky terrain to a left-facing corner a chimney slot.Go up the corner, then up cracks to a small overlap with a nose below it. Up this, then into a right-facing corner with a chimney slot. Up this to a fixed anchor shared with the previous and next routes. Begin 10' right of the previous route (and 25' right of the prow) just right of a roof 6' up.Go up a deep handcrack to where it fades, step left to another crack, then left again to a slashy crack in black rock.If you want background colors (like this box) to print in IE and Mozilla, turn on background printing by checking File/Page Setup/Print Background Colors and Images.Click here for the newroutes page that accompanied the first edtion. Bass Lake Hill Cliff (1) Beyond, The (2) Crown, The Crown, The: Main Face (5) Crown, The: Steve Austin (4) Crown, The: The Amphitheater (3) Deadwater Way Left (2) Deadwater: Main Cliff (1) Deadwater: Right End (4) Little Johnson Makomis Mountain Cliff Northway Express Wall: The Greenhouse (1) Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face (1) Poke-O Moonshine: Slab Poke-O Moonshine: Slab: Left Side (3) Poke-O Moonshine: Upper Tiers: Headwall Poke-O Moonshine: Upper Tiers: Second Tier Poke-O Moonshine: West Side: Carl Mountain Cirque: Southeast Wall (10) Sharp Bridge Campground (3) Split Rock Canyon Split Rock Canyon: Crime Scene Wall (6) Split Rock Canyon: Left End (2) Split Rock Cliff (5) Aquarium, The (1) Beer Walls: Case Wall: Lives of the Hunted Area (1) Beer Walls: Case Wall: Shotgun Face (4) Beer Walls: Lower Beer Wall Beer Walls: Upper Beer Wall Bikini Atoll (3) Boquet Ridge Cliffs Boquet Ridge Cliffs: Cliff #1 Boquet Ridge Cliffs: Cliff #2 (2) Boquet Ridge Cliffs: Cliff #3 (2) Boquet Ridge Cliffs: Cliff #4 (2) Boquet River Crags: Shark Fin Cliff (2) Boquet River Crags: Whitewater Walls: Wall #1 Camalot Cliff (11) Chapel Pond Gully Cliff Chapel Pond Gully Cliff: Foot Patrol Face (1) Chapel Pond Slab Emperor Slab King Philips Spring Wall King Wall (5) Little Empress Slab (4) Lonely Hearts Club Cliff Band (3) Lower Emperor Slab (1) Lower Mossy Cascade Cliff Lower Mossy Cascade Cliff: Left Section (1) Lower Mossy Cascade Cliff: Right Section (1) Ranney Cliffs (5) Roaring Brook Falls (1) Spank's Area: Sunshine City (1) Spanky's Area: Nestle Wall (1) Spanky's Area: Spanky's Wall (1) Spider's Web Upper Mossy Cascade Cliff (6) Upper Washbowl Upper Washbowl: Left Descent Wall (2) Washbowl Pond: Banana Belt Washbowl Pond: Future Wall (3) Barkeater Cliff Cascade Cliff Don't Call Me Cubby (3) Hurricane Cliff Hurricane Lookout Crag (7) Owls Head Mountain Pitchoff Chimney Cliff Dannemora Wall (1) Moss Cliff Moss Cliff: Free Wall (1) Olympic Acres: Bear Den (1) Olympic Acres: Polar Soldier Wall (7) (introduction) Avalanche Lake: East Face of Avalanche Mountain Avalanche Lake: East Face of Avalanche Mountain: Above the Fin (2) Avalanche Lake: West Face of Mt.Undercling right on the flake to a final right-facing corner, and climb this up to a slab.

At the last bolt, traverse right to join the last 15' of , follow the cliffline left past a slab with a roof 15' up.

The woods road becomes faint here, but some cairns help.

Continue north into the Cirque, a giant horseshoe of rock.

Follow this as it leans left (piton), then straight up to a bulge with a flake whose right side looks chopped off.

Over the bulge at this flake, then follow flake-jugs up and right to a ledge.

The woods road becomes better defined and follows the right-hand side of a valley with a stream, past Little Deerfield Mountain.