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He says Testino rubbed his crotch against his leg and pleasured himself.Roman said: “He misbehaved in hotel rooms, the backs of cars and on first-class flights.

It was a long way from Testino’s professional beginnings in 1976, when he arrived in London from Peru to study photography and lived in a grimy doss house.

Fashion bibles including Vogue said yesterday they would not work with Testino “for the foreseeable future” following the allegations.

But Kensington Palace and Clarence House have yet to comment on whether he will work for the royals again.

His idea was to show her in a new light — not done up in jewels and gowns but natural, human, fun and modern. Testino recalled later: “I knew from the start that this shoot was different.

It would make us.” After the session in an old school building in Battersea, South London, Diana wrote to the shoot’s organiser that it had been “one of the happiest days of her life”.

He has done their high-profile portraits for decades, including the engagement of William and Kate and Princess Charlotte’s christening.

Last night abuse survivors’ charity White Flowers Alba said it was time for the royals to cut ties with the Peruvian-born photographer.

He helped to discover Kate Moss and Gisele — and once convinced Elton John to get down on all fours for a Vogue shoot so that Liz Hurley could ride his back.

Testino has also maintained a relationship with the royals since he shot to fame in 1997 with those still-instantly recognisable portraits of Diana for Vanity Fair.

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EVER since Princess Diana declared a shoot with Mario Testino had been one of the happiest days of her life, the photographer has been beloved by royalty, celebrities and the fashion world.

His success, he has explained, is in bringing out happiness.