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Take your documents into the Consulate for the appointment, be ready to pay the Consular fees (typically $30 to $60 ).

Back to the INM office: Once in Mexico on the 30 day visa, go online to the INM website, and file your information, use the “Canje” option/selection …. Foreigners Residente Temporal (RT) who want to either renew their current RT card (or change status to Residente Permanente (RP) , now start the application online at the INM website, and then take the Pieza Number (issued by the website) to INM with their financial documents and passport: ~ Go to the current INM webpage for applications, and enter your personal information into the INM computer database at: INMs Online Site for Applying for an Residente Temporal, Residente Permanente, or extensions of them: (The Consulate puts a stamp in your passport as a special visa gives you permission to enter Mexico for 30 days to continue your Residency application at your local Mexican INM office.Once your passport has the special visa stamp (shown here), you have 180 days to enter Mexico before the stamp expires.This article also covers lots of other items, like what to do if you lose your visa card.******* June 13, 2017 Updates ~ INM has changed their policy on Residente Temporal visas with permission to work for a company who have changed to being self employed, as INM now denies renewals when someone changes to self-employment.If you drive into Mexico with a foreign plated car, Aduana now only gives 30 day Temporary Import Permits for vehicles, because you only get a 30 day INM visa at first.

Because the Banjercito computers auto-confiscate our TIP $$ deposits just 15 days after the INM permit expires, it is difficult to get your RT visa in just 30 days …As you enter Mexico, be sure to check that INM ONLY gives you a 30 day visa.If they give you a 180 day visa, THAT IS A BIG MISTAKE.Do NOT enter with a 180 day tourist-visitante visa, as that cancels your Residency process …and forces you to go back to the Consulate in the USA and start all over.Go right away to Aduana to notify Aduana in writing that you have an INM Residente Temporal visa in process, and formally request that Aduana extend the expiration date of your 30 day TIP.

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