Icp joker dating game

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Icp joker dating game - dating harder smart people

This song isn't that funny, but has a cool beat to it.

And the end, there is a skit in which a man calls a suicide hotline. How Many Times" talks about everyday-life inconveniences.

He finally comes to realization when he says "Look here: f*** you and the moon." The song blissfully spirals out of control, with a depressing piano melody ascending and descending. I don't know but I'm down with the clown, and I'm down for life, yo" This song describes the characteristic and tendencies of Juggalos, whatever they are.

Under The Moon is a brilliant song, and tells a great story. "He'll eat Monopoly and sh** out Connect 4." "What is a Juggalo" He ain't a phony.

"How many times will a judge decide my fate" Who is he" A bitch; nothing great. A whiny kid (voiced by Violent Jay of course) talks to a couple of other white kids about being a big gangbanger.

He takes sh**s, he f***s his old floppy wife, plays with his balls and judges my life." This was the first song that jumped out at me when I first listened to The Great Milenko. His rant is interrupted by his mom screaming, "Bryan!

2.5/5 4) Piggie Pie This is the song that almost stopped ICP from releasing this album.

They talk about three different pigs, making an allusion to the nursery rhyme.

She never calls him, she never writes to him, but the only reason he doesn't commit suicide is because he knows that she is out there somewhere, under the moon.

Violent Jay, backed by a melancholy beat, conveys true sadness and feelings of abandonment.

In case you did not know, The Great Milenko is the fourth in a series of six joker cards. One of the interesting things about The Great Milenko was that it almost wasn't.

All of these joker cards have different messages and represent different elements of life. Originally, it was going to be released under a division of Disney, and their song about killing a cop almost prevented them from getting this album out into the public. Most of the lyrics are incredibly stupid, and bereft of any intellect.

From deep within the Netherworld of shadow walkers comes yet another exhibit of the Dark Carnival. Others are content and satisfied with what they can achieve by themselves and have not the urge to tamper with another's well being for quick gain. The Great Milenko is in a way a bridge between their old-school style and their more slick but annoying style found in The Wraith and The Amazing Jeckyll Brothers. 1) Intro I'm no Alice Cooper fan, but I was very happy to hear his cameo in the Intro.

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