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Next, tap the Add Punch Item button , located in the right-side toolbar, and place a marker on the spot where the issue occurs.For example, if there is a broken floor tile in the mens room on the second floor of your project, you'll place the Punch Item marker on that Sheet. Fill in the Punch Item by tapping on each field and selecting from the list, or typing in an entry.

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However you access the Punch List, you'll need to understand how to add, update, and delete Punch Items, we'll discuss that in this article. First, you need to locate the Sheet and region where you want to place the marker for the Punch Item.

You can use these to give you a quick visual cue as to the status and type of work remaining.

When you change the Status, the inside circle changes color: It's a good idea to decide on a standard coloring schema for your Punch Items.

(2) Ensure the drill has found its X, Y Datum point in the bottom right hand corner of the bed before proceeding to manually setting the Z Axis (depth) (3) Ensure the Material is set to the correct X, Y dimensions in 2D Design.

Got to Set-Up – Drawing Layout – User Define (in mm) (4) Be ready to press the ‘stop’ button if something goes wrong with the set-up or cutting.

This opens the Punch Item Detail screen where you can make any changes you need.

Any changes made to this Punch Item in Field Center or Oasis Takeoff are logged on the History tab within the Punch Item.To close the Punch Item, tap Save in the Punch Item Detail - this takes you back to the Sheet where the Punch Item exists.To return to the Punch Item List, tap the Back button .To navigate to a different page, just swipe left/right on the Sheet Detail.You will always be returned to the Punch Items List if you arrived at the Sheet Detail screen by tapping a Punch Item (even after navigating to a different page). It's better to change the status to "Close" so you retain the Punch Item's History.Only delete a Punch Item if you are absolutely sure it is a duplicate of another or invalid. First, use the Punch List to locate the Punch List Item you need to update, navigate to that Page.