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05-May-2020 14:04 by 3 Comments

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I rebooted the gateway and could access it pretty quickly, but as soon as I go to the Upgrade (CPUSE) page, it automatically tries to update the Deployment agent again.

You can get troubleshooting steps from the Microsoft Support website.

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Hi Decided to update our 2 gateways with latest Hotfix (6 May). With the second one, it keeps trying first to update the Deployment Agent.

Not sure why, I did not notice it when performing the update on the first gateway (same version, etc).

FL display will flash in 1 second intervals After a while, the unit will go back automatically in normal operation mode. If a firmware update can still not be carried out via the network, in most cases it is possible to perform it manually using USB stick (available for non Auro upgraded models only): The firmware including instructions can be downloaded here.

If a firmware update can still not be carried out via the network, please contact your retailer for the purpose of conducting checks.Sending a refresh signal won't interfere with scheduled or previously recorded programs on DVRs.Note: Refresh signals are limited to one every 15 minutes, up to a maximum of three refreshes within a 24-hour period.I'd like for the initial block ui message to say "Processing..." and then say after 15 seconds, have it say, "Still working..." so the user doesn't think the page timedout.I've seen this done in gmail and would like to replicate that functionality. If you still cannot download or update after trying a couple of times, please contact Windows Phone support.