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A TAVERN is a place of business where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and be served food, and in some cases, where travelers receive lodging.

Attractions include the Viceroy Lodge, the Christ Church, the Jakhoo Temple, the Mall Road and the Ridge, which together form the city centre.

A Public House, informally known as a PUB, is a drinking establishment which is part of British, Irish, Australian, and New Zealand culture.

There are approximately 53,500 public houses in the United Kingdom.

Some bars have entertainment on a stage, such as a live band, comedians, go-go dancers, a floor show or strippers (see strip club).

Bars that are part of hotels are sometimes called long bars or hotel lounges.

There have been many names throughout history for establishments where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages.

Even when an establishment uses a different mane such as a tavern, the area of the establishment where the bartender serves the alcoholic beverage is normally called "the bar".Enter your name and e-mail address to receive FREE INFO about 'The Card' HERE.), also known as Simla, is the capital and the largest city of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.Many of these bars are furnished with nooks and booths encased in rich colors and plush surroundings in hopes their guests will linger.Wine bars look to embrace the intellectual stimulation linked to wine and offer an alternative to the bar scene.Even after independence, the city remained an important political centre, hosting the Simla Agreement of 1972.

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