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Edit and Comment PDFs • Convenient PDF viewer that allows you to start working with any type of PDF, even scanned, without additional steps – OCR is applied automatically when necessary.• Collaborate on documents – use versatile commenting anddrawing tools to share and visualise feedback on a document with your team.• Edit and modify PDF documents, correct small typos in both digital and scanned PDFs directly in the document, rearrange or add pages, edit document properties (metadata), fill out PDF forms.• Extract information such as text and tables from any type of PDF, even scanned, without additional conversion.• Protect documents and information by adding passwords, digital signatures, redacting sensitive information or removing metadata.• Create PDFs from a scanner, from Office documents or from any application with a print function.Compare Documents (available only in Fine Reader 14 Corporate and Enterprise) • Quickly identify crucial text changes between two versions of the same document, even if they are in different formats, i.e.

It supports business professionals from various departments in coping with a variety of daily document-related tasks.An update will be initiated when a certain amount of time has elapsed since the last update and the batch is opened on any station of the Standalone version, or on the Project Setup Station in the Distributed version of Flexi Capture.Some stations will not have access to the external database, making updates of Data Sets impossible.This is only possible when the Processing Server or station has access to the Flexi or Flexi Br file.Use the following command to update Data Sets: update dataset Only Administrators and the user of the Project Setup Station can use this command in ABBYY Flexi Capture.a scan (PDF or image) and Microsoft Word.• Export differences as comments in a PDF document or as a change log to share and discuss with others.

Automate Conversion (available only in Fine Reader 14 Corporate and Enterprise) • Convert batches of documents automatically by setting the Hot Folder tool of Fine Reader 14 to “watch” a folder on a local drive, network drive, FTP server or mailbox.• Schedule document conversion at pre-defined hours with pre-defined settings. Updating a Data Set synchronizes it with its external database.It only makes sense to update Data Set that contain data from an external database.Hello, I have a requirement to populate cells of a table in Abbyy based on query results from SQL server.Are the values of individual cells in a table editable through scripts? ABBYY Fine Reader is designed to easily solve this problem by digitizing paper media.

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