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The curly maple 12″ rim features a Whyte Laydie tone ring with ivoroid binding and antiqued raw brass hardware.The tone from the 12″ Whyte Laydie is deep and precise.

The owner had me do a couple of tweaks to the original inlays to make it a little more personalized.Unlike the original maple rim this rim was built using Mahogany to match the neck and extra rim depth was added.This Curly Maple Longneck banjo was designed as a variation to Seeder Banjo #010.This 1923 Vega Whyte Laydie rim features a faithful recreation of a No. The large 12″ Whyte Laydie rim is one of the most sought after of all original Vega rims from this era and the sound does not disappoint.The classic inlays and engravings compliment the sound that comes along with these rims making a perfect match for any vintage banjo fan.The Dobson Special utilizes a Dobson tone ring mounted on a rolled brass ring to isolate the tone ring from the wooden rim giving it a unique and powerful Dobson sound with more balanced and a crisp overall tone.

It’s simple but elegant inlays and overall design has a vintage inspired look while adding modern play ability and durability.We swapped the Vega lettering in the peghead inlay to Tango, the town in West Virginia where they live and added in a silhouette of West Virginia in the lower part of the fingerboard.We kept all the original hardware as well as the resonator making it an excellent banjo for many different styles of playing.The client also had the cool unique idea of using the date of the first cut I made on the wood for the banjo on the brass name plate.This 1922 Vega Tubaphone rim is paired with a custom neck with original Vega details and a custom pineapple peghead inlay.We used an original peghead shape and a slightly red golden brown stain to highlight the exceptional curly maple figure of the neck and birdseye figure of the rim.

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