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The young woman sitting in a Parisian cafe could be meeting a friend for lunch.

“He’s a braggart, he’s very full of himself, but he is also a man capable of real cruelty. but there is nothing human in him.” Bilel’s real name was Rachid and he had grown up in Roubaix in northern France.

Erelle’s intention was to observe exchanges online and build up a picture of how youngsters were being radicalized in France. She was supposed to be a girl from a poor area in the south of France whose mother worked long hours and who had no father or brother.

Then came something unexpected: Melodie attracted the attention of Abou-Bilel, one of ISIS’s senior commanders in Raqqa (pictured, top). Melodie answered Bilel tentatively, telling him she was a convert and wanted to learn to be a good Muslim.

“When you get here, you’ll be treated like a princess,” he promised. Bilel told Melodie she could have a beautiful life, a big apartment and lots of children.” Very soon, Bilel wanted to talk to her in person, on Skype.

“I didn’t see the face of a man who would kill or rape — he boasted that he had killed ‘dozens’ of infidels — and those first few seconds were unforgettable,” she said.

“This then rapidly escalated and El-Hassan, a qualified pharmacist, readily passed on her knowledge to Mohammed giving him the technical assistance he needed in preparing for a terrorist attack,” said Detective Chief Inspector Paul Greenwood.

“Although we do not know what Mohammed and El-Hassan’s exact intentions were, a number of concerning items had already been purchased and the pair had done extensive research regarding making TATP (acetone peroxide) and ricin.” When arrested Mohammed already had two of the ingredients needed to make the highly unstable TATP, known as the “mother of Satan,” which was used by a suicide bomber in an attack on a pop concert at the Manchester Arena last May, killing 22 children and adults, one of four deadly attacks in Britain last year.

“It was very strange to act nice with a terrorist, to be cute and to be saying, ‘Hey, tell me about your day!

’ I thought I would feel uncomfortable in a hijab, but the costume helped. As his trust grew, so he began to talk more about his life as a fighter.

He sent back her graphic videos of IS beheadings, shootings and killing prisoners using explosives.

When police arrested him in December of 2016, Mohammed, who worked in a food factory making meals for supermarkets, possessed instruction manuals on mobile phone detonators, ricin and how to make explosives, prosecutors said.

Every so often she glances out of the window, but she is not checking whether her friend has arrived: She is nervously hoping the police officer assigned to keep her safe is not too far away.

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