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Women want to date rich men because they have the means to take care of them and make them free from this stressful life.

Holders of valid current passports will be allowed to use them for the next 2 years i.e to 31st August 2019 after which they will be rendered invalid.

To ensure smooth transition we shall start to pilot with the permits and passes applications from 1st march 2016.

You will be notified later when the other services like Alien Cards, Permanent Residency (PR) and Kenya Citizenship applications will commence online. For more information Click Here The Government Of Kenya has waived visa fees for all children aged 16 years and below who are accompanying their parents to Kenya. This is to notify the General Public that the following website and email are not the official online visa application website. not the Kenyan government website for online visa applications it is a Scam Evisa Application Website.

The text-based network has over 100,000 users in Kenya, Uganda and Peru.

Its operators hope to expand the effort to other countries.

The answers from We Farm have helped improve the quality of the kale he grows, Kinyua said.

“Now I can sell a kilo of kale at the market for 70 shillings instead of 50 shillings." Preventing problems When We Farm receives many answers to a single question, it only sends the user the answers that appear to be correct.

That cut into her farm’s earnings and left her no better able to understand the diseases facing their cattle and crops. Kinyua says he uses We Farm at least 30 minutes each day.

Bwika said small-scale farmers often lack the information they need because they have poor internet service and little money to spend. He says other farmers have taught him a lot of things, from protecting his crops to improving his watering system.

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“If I am told to inject my cow with something, how do I make sure I do it in the right place,” she asked. ” Frederick Ochido is a Kenyan-based expert on dairy farming.