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Above, check out a cut from the comp, "Bullet Proof Nothing"; we have the tracklist below.

He also put out a two-disc album, II, with his group, Fuzz, and started a new band called GØGGS.I wanted to be as different as I could -- at first I was thinking about sides.I wanted to do four studios, four sides, and have them be four different personas or something.Some of the songs are the band live, some are just me, some of it are half live, half me overdubbing on top of it.It’s like every style of recording possible." I’m sitting with Segall in a lounge at New York’s Hotel on Rivington."And so I wrote that song and I tried singing it, and I said, ‘This sounds like shit.

This is horrible.’ But then I thought -- cause Denée and I have done music stuff together and we’ve even started a new band, and I’ve heard her sing -- I just went, ‘It’s got to be her! "I know 150 percent how deeply cynical and negative I can be. And if I didn’t have her around in a lot of the really rough parts of my life, doing this job -- there’s just no way."The Rise of Ty has been something to see -- a slow-gestating build over nearly a decade.

"It’s kind of the meshing of two worlds," Segall says.

"Whereas the last self-titled record was the band, live, the whole time, and a lot of the records I’ve done have been just me, overdubbing, this one is pretty much those two ideas slammed together.

And yet most of the records in his ridiculously packed discography (is his tenth album in ten years, but only in the narrowest sense, with many more singles, EPs, collaborations and side projects to his name in that span) did, in fact, have some parameters to them. There’s a little bit of all those sounds on this 19-track beast, making for a wild ride that is schizophrenic in the best possible way.

The first recordings for the LP were done in late 2016 at Segall’s home studio in Los Angeles.

He’s come to the city for just a day to appear as the first-ever musical guest on Comedy Central’s goes back to its debut last year.

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