How to cope with an intimidating boss

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Often bulling behavior is combined with paranoia tendencies (paranoiac self-defense). I would like to stress it again that aggression in inherent in psychopath and to tell that a psychopath is a bully is just to tell that the water is wet.

Here is a tutorial example of a bully behavior toward subordinate although the situation is slightly different: Something more about behavior characteristic of such guys Bill O' Reilly Goes Nuts.

Again it is very naive to think that they can stop that practice by appealing to their senses. Female bosses are usually more cunning and inclined towards more sophisticated bulling (see Female Bullying ): They also tend to more often combine direct and indirect intimidation (like ignoring you).

Again this is a kind of low-grade sadism, and most bullies both male and female are undeniably sadistic and just enjoy to inflict pain.

Done by peers, subordinates and/or superiors, the goal is to force someone out using gossip, ostracism, intimidation, discrimination, humiliation, and just plain meanness.

As any psychopath use violence to achieve their goals, those who are classified as bullies just use it more frequently and are more sophisticated in this type of sadism.

Study after study in psychology proves that people draw a perverse strength from the group and will do in a group what they would never do alone.

As Susan Dunn noted in her paper Mobbing in the Workplace Has This Happened to You, Normal moral behavior, common decency, if you will, is discarded by the same sort of mentality that produces a gang rape.

It includes for subtypes: It's from a point of weakness that they express their violence toward others" (p.2).

Thus, without the green flag there is little room for the bully boss and it is she or him that must prepare to leave the organization as opposed to the victim of the bullying.

This isolation is achieved through a wide variety of techniques, including refusing to socialize with the victim and criticizing the victim's communication manner or other socially-significant markers.

Indirect bullying is more subtle and more likely to be verbal, such as the silent treatment, arguing others into submission, manipulation, gossip, staring, and mocking.

As being a bully is typical for all types of corporate psychopath this category, in general, does not bring you to any deeper understanding of the problem you face.