Cam 100

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It's a clean design without, as is common on network cameras, an external antenna.It’s all-black body will also help you hide the camera away.

This was on top of around a two-to-three second delay between something happening in reality and the video being available to view.

Setting up the Smart Home Cam 100 is relatively straightforward with an Android or i OS device.

You’ll first need to plug it into your mains power and set the switch on the back of the camera to the ‘Setup’ position.

The login details are the same ones you created during the setup process.

No, you can only use the BT Smart Home Cam App available for Android and i Phone/i Pad devices.

A pair of indicator LEDs show the camera’s current status, such as when it’s establishing a wireless connection.

The Home Cam can capture video in up to 720p resolution at 10fps, which isn’t the smoothest we've seen but is sufficient for monitoring purposes.

Yes, it's available for Android devices running Android version 2.3.x or above. Using the BT Home Cam App, the setup process configures your camera to connect to your existing Wi-Fi network.

Please check the quick start guide for further details.

This makes the Home Cam broadcast its Wi-Fi SSID, which you can search for and connect to from your device.

Once you open the BT Home Cam app it will ask you if you want to set up your new camera, and the setup process takes you through connecting the Home Cam to your home's wireless network.

The Raymarine CAM100 Day and Night Marine camera instantly transforms your Raymarine plotter into a powerful onboard video observation system.