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Composed in October last year in a melodic dialect similar to Bengali, the words now fall on the rapt ears of children in the world’s largest refugee camp, reminding them why they are there. How could they kill our dearest people What did the culprits do?

Nothing to do, nowhere to go, stripped of all materiality; Salim’s song comes across as an act of instinct, retelling a tale as it was told to him by his closest kin.

“At least here, they’re not killing us,” Mohammad says. But on the Bangladeshi side of the border, this is not a story about justice. The sight of barefoot masses arriving on the shore can only be described as biblical.

Well over 622,000 Rohingya have endured the dangerous passage from their homes in Rakhine to the relative safety of Cox’s Bazar, a district of eastern Bangladesh, over the past three months — the fastest refugee movement since the Rwandan genocide.

He waved through an open window at dozens of children waving Vatican and Myanmar flags and T-shirts with the motto of the trip - 'love and peace' - as he set off in a light blue Toyota car for St. Only about 700,000 of Myanmar's 51 million people are Roman Catholic.

Thousands of them travelled by train and bus to Yangon, and they joined crowds at several roadside points along the way from the airport to catch a glimpse of the pope.'We come here to see the Holy Father.

I'm sorry, but let's hope it will at least be fruitful.'Francis is expected to meet a group of Rohingya refugees in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, on the second leg of his trip.

Ethnic minorities in traditional dress welcomed Francis at Yangon airport, and children presented him with flowers as he stepped off his plane.He learned to sing from his older brother, before he died at the hands of a Buddhist mob.The family fled, like more than half a million others, across the border into Bangladesh.Vatican sources say some in the Holy See believe the trip was decided too hastily after full diplomatic ties were established in May during a visit by Suu Kyi.Suu Kyi's reputation as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate has been tarnished because she has expressed doubts about the reports of rights abuses against the Rohingya and failed to condemn the military.'I have great admiration for the pope and his abilities, but someone should have talked him out of making this trip,' said Father Thomas Reese, a prominent American author and analyst at Religion News Service.(This Muslim holiday is known in English as “the feast of the sacrifice” and marks the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim, or Abraham, to kill his own son if God so commanded.) A crowd of curious neighbors forms around Mohammad as he speaks in this squalid borough built in the chaotic aftermath of the exodus.

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