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I told her about my current three year trip across the world, of my upcoming adventures in Pakistan, my plan to sail a raft across the ocean.

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I had entered Iran during the depths of winter and was beginning to wonder if this had been a mistake.Luckily, thanks to Couchsurfing, we were rescued by some locals who let us crash in their sitting room while we came up with a plan.“Screw it, let’s get married.” I said to Esme across our cornflakes.In fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran not only allows sex reassignment, but also subsidizes it.Before the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran there was no official government policy on transgender people.We parted ways, unsure if we would see each other again.

Once in Kurdistan, I found myself thinking of Esme.I had only just met her but already I felt that hanging out with her might be more fun than freezing my ass off in a tent.The snow came thick and fast, making my planned hikes almost impossible, and I abandoned the mountains, sending a quick Whats App message and heading back to the highway. Pack a bag and let’s explore Iran together.” To my delight, she said yes.Luckily, Esme waived the dowry, so we were able to get married for free.Temporary marriages provide a way for Iranians to be intimate together without breaking the law.Most of the time foreigners can get around this by simply saying they are married, but because Esme was Persian, and therefore a Muslim, the rules were much stricter.

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