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Indeed, until Greenwich Mean Time was adopted in 1880, railway stations in Gloucester boasted clocks displaying Bristol, Birmingham and London time. Coaches before waggons – the blessing of the broad gauge for the Northern districts. They discovered that Great Western locomotives were more powerful and fuel-efficient than their rivals and also offered less rolling resistance per unit of torque because of their larger diameter wheels.Back in 1845 however, the Parliamentary Gauge Commissioners came to Gloucester and found J. Payne, Goods Manager of the Birmingham & Gloucester Railway, keen to promote the argument for a narrow gauge line to Bristol. Neele of the London & North Western wrote in his book "Railway Reminiscences":"When the members came to the scene, they were appalled by the clamour arising from the well-arranged confusion of shouting out addresses of consignments, the chucking of packages from truck to truck, the enquiries for missing articles, the loading, unloading and reloading, which his clever device had brought""Observe! However, as the better calibre of lawyers afforded by the wealthier Stephenson camp were quick to point out, by 1845 almost 2 000 miles of 4’ 8 1/2" track had been laid in Britain as opposed to only 275 miles of 7’ 0 ".

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You will see the anxious Mama hastening her family in its transit from carriage to carriage, dreading the penalty of being too late;and.your carriage horses accompany you they, too, must shift by dint of whip and cajolery.

From its start pandemonium reigned at Gloucester, now at the centre of a railway route stretching from Tyneside to the Exe.

If the Twentieth Century’s jet age brought the expression "Breakfast in London, Dinner in New York, Luggage in Bermuda" then "Lost at Gloucester" became synonymous with the problems of travel in Victorian minds."Gentle Reader, if you wish to know what a break of gauge is, a journey between Birmingham and Bristol will make you very sensibly conscious of it.

It is literally less than three minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus ...

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An electric telegraph - invented by Gloucester's own Charles Wheatstone - had warned spectators that the train had passed Cheltenham, but when Her Majesty finally appeared on the platform and it was time for the Corporation and Clergy of Gloucester to move forward with their addreses the crowd followed behind them and , as the Gloucester Journal reported, Indeed, the Great Western Railway was to link Gloucester – but not yet Cheltenham – to Swindon by May 1845: thereby bringing even more trains to the crowded Gloucester platforms. "Another placard explained that the distance of 37 miles between Gloucester and Bristol could be traversed by a Broad Gauge train in 1 hour 45 minutes while the best timing for the 51 mile Gloucester to Birmingham journey was 2 hours 35 minutes.

By July 1845 the Government became so alarmed at the prospect of further railway breaks of gauge that it set up a Royal Commission to investigate the matter. It was also true that at this time as much as 300 tons of freight were being transhipped at Gloucester while less than 50 tons were handled at Bristol in the same way.Calling all 27 -37 year olds to our exclusive Indian Singles UK event.We are hosting a free single mingle event at The Warwick.Paddington’s plan was to create a Broad Gauge line all the way to Birmingham and perhaps Liverpool but wide bodied expresses were never to run that far, as the Great Western offered only 60.00 for each Bristol and Birmingham share instead of the 65.00 that the amalgamated company asked for.Instead a chance meeting on a London bound train between two of the directors of the Birmingham company and John Ellis, Deputy Chairman of the new Derby based Midland Railway, was to change history.In the hurry the bricks are miscounted, the slates chipped at the edges, the cheeses cracked, the ripe fruit and vegetables crushed and spoilt; the chairs, furniture, oil cakes, cast iron pots, grates and ovens all more or less broken; the coal turned into slack, the salt short of weight, sundry bottles of wine deficient and the fish too late for market."With four porters needed per wagon and one clerk to supervise every four wagons of an incoming train, transhipment at Gloucester added 2/6 to the cost of every ton of freight that passed through the City – a great expense in those days.

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