Dating dr z amp

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Dating dr z amp - chelsea noble dating

I really like this design and it seems equally at home on top of a 1×12 as well as a 4×12 cabinet. The amp is built almost entirely of parts designed by Dr. They are designed to react in a similar way as the old “Black-Cat” capacitors which were used in many classic early 60s amps.Transformers are manufactured to his specifications as well.

Our Wasburn WP-50 (LP Style) guitar sounded thick and punchy through the amp and the amp did not break up like the other Z amps we have tried. The wiring and soldering are clean and organized and the amp’s details live up to the quality that we come to expect from Dr. The price at 99 could make the Z-Lux one of the best priced boutique packages on the market.

As stock, my evaluation unit had 2 NOS Phillips 12AX7s in the first gain stage and phase inverter, and a Sovtek 12AX7 powering the 2nd and 3rd gain stages.

Rectification was handled by a Groove Tubes “Reactive” solid state rectifier but may also be ordered with a GZ-34 rectifier tube.

The expand switch bridges a capacitor across the first gain stage cathode resistor for an extra thick tone. The controls on the back of the unit consist of 3 jacks for 4,8 or 16 ohms. While it certainly borrows concepts from classic Western Electric circuit designs, you wont find its schematic in the Tube Amp Book.

The head-cabinet is a very small, sexy enclosure measuring 9.5″ tall, 19.5″ wide and 9.5″ deep. The amp employs a fairly novel conjunctive filter circuit before the output stage which seems to really juice the amp up and give it a very original tone. Z has his own special formulation (Sprague) capacitors which are not available commercially.

If you are in the market for a good versatile amp that is neither too bassy nor too brittle this is an amp you should try out.

If you are looking for a Nigel Hendroff Voxy chime I would stick with a Maz or other Vox style amp because while this amp can get in that general ballpark tone wise, a Vox is a Vox and a Matchless is a Matchless. It is neither Fender nor Vox which is refreshing in the world of boutique amp builders.

The tone was bell-like and glassy with a piano-like clarity on the low notes. Playing complex jazz chords with step voicings, I was able to clearly discern each individual voice of the chord.

Playing riffs across the guitar from low strings to high strings demonstrates the evenness of the amps tone across a wide frequency range.

All wire runs are as short as possible and bent to right angles. Z is very meticulous about wire routing and I noticed that extreme care was taken to keep AC voltage wires away from signal grid wires.

There are no loose wires or silicone goo holding parts together.

The delays burst out of the amp while the reverb was lush and deep.