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The Oxford Martin School has predicted that 47 per cent of US jobs are susceptible to automation.Sarah Brennan, chief executive of Young Minds, says her organisation is seeing children as young as 11 worrying about unemployment.

Mental illness can feel like a personal indictment to parents.

Yale professor Bill Deresiewicz has characterised the current generation of high-achieving students as "excellent sheep", haunted by a fear of failure yet clueless about where they're going.

They're probably worried that it's nowhere: the OECD's projections for the world economy between now and 2060 are for slowing world growth and near-stagnation in advanced economies.

It is known that children who are looked after by their local authority are particularly susceptible and, conversely, that there are protective factors linked to a stable home life.

Nonetheless, children are often reluctant to talk to their parents, and parents slow to respond, despite the fact that swift intervention is important to recovery.

the list goes on." The stories of many of the young people they have worked with suggest that when mental illness strikes, it feels elemental, chemical and incomprehensible; they commonly liken it to possession.

That doesn't mean that we shouldn't query whether there are things going on to do with the way we live our lives.Last month he personally announced new money and the introduction of waiting times for teenagers with eating disorders.The Duchess of Cambridge has also made young people's mental health one of her major interests.But even if you accept that there's more reporting than there was a decade or two ago, pretty much everyone agrees that something very disturbing is happening.Those who are worried include David Cameron, the first Prime Minister ever to have talked about teenage mental health.Rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70 per cent in the past 25 years.