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With crime surging citywide, residents in one of Chicago’s wealthiest neighborhoods are chipping in to hire private security guards to patrol their 16-square-block section of Lake View a half-mile west of Wrigley Field.Among those donating to the cause: Cubs President Theo Epstein and his wife.

Recent actions by the Cook County Board to pile on a massive Minimum Wage Hike, an expensive Paid Sick Leave regulation and a costly Beverage Tax all at once will be devastating to our local economy and will no doubt shutter the doors of many businesses along with the loss of numerous jobs for our hardworking residents.

Police said they believe the offenders are teenagers.

Is there any pertinent information about theses teenagers missing from the report?

(WLS) Chicago police are urging women to use caution when walking around downtown. THAT is why I carry does my wife*:*not my wife The unstated assumption of the Chicago leadership is that even though their fair city is heading for 800 murders this year, it can be ignored because virtually all were on the South or West Sides, the vast portion were drug or gang related, and the radical groups won’t make a peep about this mass crime as long as a cop wasn’t involved.

--------------------------------------------- How about do not visit Chicago at all. So the police are effectively told to stand back, stand down.

All of this excessive government regulation thrown onto small businesses is a formula for economic disaster.

The suspects are working in large groups of five to eight young men and women.This will drive even more businesses to move out of Illinois.Saturday, October 22, 2016 CHICAGO COOK COUNTY Commish alerts biz owners to possible mandated 58% pay hike for employees Businesses were not informed of this huge cost increase nor did they have an opportunity to prepare or budget for it.This is the kind of thing that Trump wants to stomp on to stop them and deter others - funny how the Left keeps giving them credence by saying stupid sh! The Elites as in all Democrat controlled big cities have hired private security - (unavailable to lowly taxpayers), to protect themselves from the rampant crime.Chicago News 10/03/2016, Epstein and his neighbors near Wrigley hire private security Chicago Cubs President Theo Epstein.Roche thought Kearns was headed home after her shift on Sunday night, but police said she told other friends she was headed to nearby Outlaws, a biker clubhouse where Boshears hung out. Her father can't begin to comprehend how someone could take the life of a daughter he describes as the light of his life.

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