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Nulled datingsoftware - dating in bombay

:( My review may improve if we could get smooth running for a few months, its been a few years of constant management.

I have been working with a project manager, Margareth, through this process thus far and I cant say enough good things about the support I've received and how user friendly the set-up part is for a non techy like myself.

They stated they would move the site for free due to all the troubles. I've spent thousands getting trademarks, hosting, software, and marketing.

I fell as though I'm losing everything invested due all the down time experienced with Skadate. Hate to move software vendors, but am not sure what other options there is.

Comes with the neutral and light layout for inner front end pages and mobile browsers.

Therefor is exately what you need if you are using a very fancy custom one page scroll landing page powered by another script.

Install skadate into subfolder and place links to it on your landing.

Advice: just tell them what you need and what you are doing before you actually go ahead and do it.

Although lately their hosting server has been down many times, and many time the server runs very slow, or your see an message he server is out of resources.

They suggested I get a real hosting package, so I did. I'm so sad and angry and do not have the know how to fix it..

It's unique as it's not a "dating site" per say, however they have been great during this transition and getting me everything I've needed thus far.

Let's hope this momentum and support keeps up! Just wanted to say, anyone that needs a good dating script, Skadate is your script, comes with great support, great extras, but not just for dating, if you have something else you like to do with the script you can, especially with the video messenger plug-in, from erotic phone calls with video to astrology dating site. Great sales process, addon seemed great, and there is lots of them.

Lost several days trying to figure what turnd out to be a 1 min fix from their team.

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