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He sold her jewellery and went shopping with his favourite girlfriend before lying to the police that his wife disappeared during a joint trip to London. Hours after his false claim to police, the bisexual member of the United Spiritualist Church invited a man to his house for sex, Lewes Crown Court in East Sussex was told.

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It was only when she went through their phone bill that she found out the truth.In 2004 he had an affair with Sally Lyon, 49, landlady of his local pub, the Foresters Arms in Fairwarp.He sent her a love poem which her husband found, and they began having sex after she initiated a divorce.Over the years, countless women would have passionate affairs with him.Some lent him thousands for alternative therapies involving 'snake venom', and he promised repayment once his marital home was sold.'In the end what he was doing with the women, behind Kerry's back, and behind his wife's back, got too much.

He was like Jack Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick.

He left school at 16 to drive lorries for his father, and five years later married typist Fay Robinson. This picture shows Wickens selling gold jewellery belonging to his wife for £100 a day after he'd told friends and family she'd disappeared He told Lewes Crown Court that at 24 his world was transformed when he discovered he could talk to the dead through Wild Fox.

'I went to a spiritualist meeting and saw mediums, spiritual healing and tarot readings. I felt I had arrived home.' He took on spiritualist clients - almost all women, often going through bereavement, and grateful for sexual healing.

One woman, mother-of-two Kerry Lippett, 40, kicked her husband out of the family home after Chenery-Wickens told her he could pass on messages from her dead mother.

She became his 'principal girlfriend', and they talked of a wedding once his divorce was through.

He would tell them that he suffered serious ill health and was devastated to be divorcing his alcoholic wife - but still wanted to help.

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