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Memorable 03 numbers are used by organisations of all sizes to generate more sales, portray a professional image and encourage customer loyalty.

In our opinion the most important focus in telecoms terms should be to make sure that every single call is answered be it by yourselves,an autoattendant, voicemail or outsourced, whatever you choose make sure the call is captured.Please view our different options which should help you understand the differences between the types of business telephone numbers and their unique bebnefits.Or alternatively call us and we will be delighted to help you understand what is best for your business needs.Perfect for organisations looking to establish themselves as more than just a local business. In the majority of cases people will physically see an 03 number in the yellow pages or on the net, newspaper etc, all they have to do is to dial the number on their phone In the case of radio or TV advertising campaigns people won’t usually have a pen or paper to hand and will need an easy to recall number. With a non geographic number you can give your company the appearance of a large scale business, regardless of the size and without the constraints of a geographic area code.If you are to be successful in converting listeners/viewers into customers a memorable number will do just that. When a business moves it is not always feasable to retain the exsisting telephone numbers.We understqand there are an incredible number of things to consider when starting a business. We can set up a single number for you throught to a complete telecoms solution with virtual services.

Lets us manage your telecoms, freeing you to focus on your business.Where an exsisting landline number or in house phone system develops a fault, the NGN can be diverted to another number.This allowes calls to continue being taken for continuty of business.Should you move, you simply take the NGN phone number with you.This is a guide to common phone numbers, some of the ways they are used and the indicative cost of calling them from landlines and mobiles as per Ofcom July 1012 There are so many different types of phone number these days that it can be hard keeping tabs on how much they cost to call.This can cause problems, such as new company litterature plus having to contact existing customers with notification of the number change.

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