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Sanchez, Anthropology, UC Irvine (Faculty Sponsor: Leo R.Chavez) Remaining Undocumented: Immigrant Youth Living Outside of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals SCR-43 Sara Solaimani, Visual Arts, UC San Diego (Faculty Sponsor: Mariana Wardwell) Yo Tlaolli: Corn as Body, Medium, and Metaphor Bertin Solis, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UC Santa Barbara (Faculty Sponsor: Richard P.

Vega, Sociology, UC Los Angeles (Faculty Sponsor: Vilma Ortiz) Patrolling Territorial Borders, Negotiating Symbolic Boundaries: A Case Study of Mexican American Border Patrol Agents SCR-43 Jacob Vogenberg, Biology, UC Riverside (Faculty Sponsor: Louis Santiago) Photoprotection in Dragonfruit: An Evaluation on Wild and Cultivated Species of the Yucatán Heather Agnew, Geography, UC Los Angeles (Faculty Sponsor: John Agnew) The Anslinger Effect: Evaluating the early origins of the U. Takayama) Latino parents' beliefs regarding infant solid food consumption SCR-43 Helen Cooper, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz (Faculty Sponsor: Donald Potts) Refuges from ocean acidification: Coralline algae in naturally low-p H water Andrew D.

S.-Mexico Border SCR-43 Michelle-Yvette Osorio Luis, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis (Faculty Sponsor: Lillian Cruz-Orengo) Field Research Experience and Rural Veterinary Work in Mexico Leslie Rose Perkins, Anthropology, UC Riverside (Faculty Sponsor: Travis Stanton) Burials, Trade, and Pilgrimage at Postclassic Cozumel, Mexico Roxanne Radpour, Materials Science and Engineering, UC Los Angeles (Faculty Sponsor: Ioanna Kakoulli) Terahertz-Time Domain Spectroscopy Studies on Mexican Cultural Heritage Luis A.

Rodríguez, School of Medicine, UC San Francisco (Faculty Sponsor: Jaime Sepúlveda) National Health and Nutrition Survey (ENSANUT 2016) Analysis: Nutritional Status and Diabettes among the Mexican Population Patrick Rohrer, Anthropology, UC Riverside (Faculty Sponsor: Travis Stanton) Proyecto de Interacción Política de Yucatán (PIPCY) Ruben Irvin Rojas Valdes, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis (Faculty Sponsor: C.-Y.

Quiñónes-Camach, Psychology, UC Riverside (Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Davis) Emotional Code-Switching in Bilingual College Students SCR-43 Elizabeth Ramírez Ritchie, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley (Faculty Sponsor: Alain de Janvry) Weather-indexed insurance and productivity of small-scale farmers: An impact evaluation of Mexico's CADENA program Oscar Rivera, Hispanic Studies, UC Riverside (Faculty Sponsor: Covadonga Lamar-Prieto) Literatura y prensa colimenses en las tres primeras décadas del siglo XX Luis A.

Rodríguez, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley (Faculty Sponsor: Lia C.

Cynthia Lin Lawell) Attendance to the Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration, and the Environment Maria Sayil Camacho, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, UC Los Angeles (Faculty Sponsor: Robert Rhoads) The Latina/o Postdoctoral Workplace Experience: Deconstructing U. Race Relations and Social Hierarchies SCR-43 Steven Edward Schmidt, Sociology, UC Irvine (Faculty Sponsor: David Smith) Globalization and Urban Development in Mexico City's Historic Center Meredith Van Natta, Social and Behavioral Sciences, UC San Francisco (Faculty Sponsor: Howard Pinderhughes) Risky Bodies: Health, Citizenship, and the Biopolitics of Undocumented Immigration SCR-43 Mary Alice Barr, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Davis (Faculty Sponsor: Michael E.

Oskin) The Cerro Prieto Fault: Neotectonic Mapping and Assessment for Paleoseismic Investigation Kyle Broach, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz (Faculty Sponsor: Adina Paytan) Temporal microfossil assemblages and environmental change in Celestun Lagoon, Yucatan, Mexico Christopher Carter, Political Science, UC Berkeley (Faculty Sponsor: Thad Dunning) Withholding Legitimacy: A citizen-based approach to institutional choice in Oaxaca Xochitl C.Durán) Narrative Case Studies of Latinx Transfer Students: Academic Pathways, Career Aspirations, and Perceptions of the Campus Climate SCR-43 Breauna Spencer, Sociology, UC Irvine (Faculty Sponsor: Matt Huffman) The Retention of Black and Latino Men Enrolled in STEM Ph. Programs SCR-43 Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, Visual Arts, UC San Diego (Faculty Sponsor: Ricardo Dominguez) SOMA Summer (art residency) Jesus R.Torres, SFGH Emergency Medicine, UC San Francisco (Faculty Sponsor: Robert M.“SCR 43” refers to California Senate Concurrent Resolution 43, which inspired specific support for research and creative activities in the area of Latino Studies.Skye Allmang, Luskin School of Public Affairs, UC Los Angeles (Faculty Sponsor: Todd Franke) Assessing the Labor Market Incorporation of Mexican and Mexican American Youth in the United States SCR-43 Adela Amaral, Anthropology, UC Berkeley (Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary A.The Student Small Grants competition is offered each month to support UC graduate students and UC postdoctoral researcher activities in all disciplines as related to academic exchange, research training, and scholarly development in areas consistent to UC MEXUS goals.

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