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Channel, Create, Join, Ladder and Quit buttons on left side of the screen, metal/bar atmosphere for chat channels and buttons, complete with metal clunk sounds when buttons are pressed etc.It's nice you guys want to stay true to the original game, but excluding the online UI from that sentiment is inconsistent and disruptive.

I was finally able to convince my company to begin using it internally and with our clients.That is a great suggestion and I will pass this idea along to our product team. If so, you can start a Google Hangout directly from your sheets if you are collaborating with other Google users. It took me a year to get them using Smartsheets (a very low tech company), and asking them to use another chat program like Slack on top if it just doesn't work.Here’s some information on how to do this: This is a much needed feature. I love how Google docs and sheets has the built-in chat feature, and I've found that very helpful in the same way, when co-editing documents.Having a live chat window on the far right side woud be great.The discussion feature isn't quite the same as live chat.and not forgotten about / tabled indefinitely to the future.2.) First observation... visible channel order by time joined is still a thing, right? ) A big feature of SC: R is the ability to switch between the new and classic graphics.

"there are 1500 players on USWest playing 500 games" - this is returning after a long absence? As previously stated, even in persistent chat, whatever channel you're focused on, it's much easier to tell who just joined, who's a bot/idle/away, etc. just finished reading the "blog post" ...didn't take long... If someone doesn't care for being in multiple chat channels at once, would it be that hard for you to implement an option to use "classic" chat - in other words, just be in ONE channel at a time, and move from channel to channel like we've always done?

That all said, it does look nice (except for name/channel chat being the same color (HUH? but again, please don't destroy the functions that Communities, Clans, etc.

have grown to use for 20 years to make other "improvements" ...

I started my personal domain and configured Gmail to use as mail server.

I imported all contacts from my old Gmail account to the new one.

I think it would look better/ be easier to find games if there are more games visible at any one time on that list. Currently the game shows 12 before scrolling is necessary.