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Sure, multi-million dollar listings may not be common where you work (or even in Manhattan for that matter), but the selling point here is obvious.

We spoke to a few agents to find out what they pay for Zillow Premier Agent.That means some leads will contact the listing agent, and some will contact the other Premier Agents in the sidebar. Yes, this is a real listing, and it’s really listed at million .Those Premier agents now have a chance at nabbing a client with a million budget.That means you should get roughly 10 leads per month, or 120 leads per year.Since you’re spending 0 per month, that equates to per lead.Read on and see why we think Zillow Premier Agent is worth every penny or talk to a Zillow representative today.

Zillow Premier Agent is Zillow’s advertising platform for real estate agents.While Zillow allows you to post listings for free, becoming a premier agent has two major benefits: Let’s take a look at the two types of listings on Zillow so you can see what I’m talking about.First, here’s a listing where the listing agent is not a Zillow Premier Agent.Love it or hate it, Zillow has changed the real estate game.Since purchasing Trulia a few years back, Zillow websites now get over 160 million visitors per month.For this example, let’s look at a zip code where Zillow charges 6 cents per impression, so CPM.