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Hina-i-aa-i-te-marama appears in Polynesian folklore generally. The shadows in the moon were believed to be an ora (banyan) tree from the numerous branches of which Hina obtained bark and made cloth for the gods.In this capacity she was named Hina-tutu-ha‘a (Hina-the-cloth-beater), and she presided over sacred cloth beaters on earth, who emulated her artistic skill in that work.

It was recited in 1886 by Tu-pa-ia, a schoolmaster who learned it from his aged grandfather Ta-taura, a ra‘atira (chieftain) of Motu-tapu, Ra‘iatea.] Traditions of Hina A peninsula called Motu-tapu (Sacred Island), in Ra‘iatea, from which Motu-tapu of the mainland derives its name, was the canoe station of Ru and Hina; a passage from there is called Te-ava-o-Hina (The-passage-of-Hina), by which they went to sea.Not far inland from Motu-tapu is a place called Tuturaa-haa-a-Hina (Hina’s-place-for-beating-bark cloth), where she is said to have made and spread out her tapa.There is the site where once stood her breadfruit tree, the bark of which she used for making ahu pu‘upu‘u (white tapa); and upon the ground lies a long stone, called Te-hune-‘uru-a-Hina (The-heart-of-Hina’s-breadfruit) because of its resemblance to that object in giant form.Then people finding the bark good for cloth propagated the tree everywhere.But the terrestial ora fig does not produce seeds; it is propagated by branches.Let the far-sighted who dwell on land Arise and see! Let the farsighted who dwell on land Arise and see!

Look over the sea of Te-fatu-moana (The-lord-of-the-ocean)!

A strong mat for a sail was tied with cords to a mast at the center of the canoe Te-apori, and Ru and his sister embarked on their voyage.

Ru sat astern with his great paddle for steering in sailing and a smaller paddle to use in calms or for playing against the tide in meeting with head winds; Hina sat in the bows of the canoe to watch for land and thus they sailed away. They sailed east and arrived at Little-Tahiti, Mo‘orea struck by the wind, and at Great-Tahiti with Hiti-i-te-ara-piopio (Taiarapu). Ru and his companion sailed on; the islands were all located by them; from south to north, from east to west, they were all located by Ru, the dear valiant one, Ru the great valiant one, Ru who explored the earth, and by Hina-fa‘auru-va‘a, his sister.

The clear space in the moon is where the branch once was, and beneath the tree in that locality is where Hina had her home.

Her companion there was an u‘upa (green wild pigeon), which dwelt in the tree and lived upon its little figs.

I am drawing, drawing thee to land, Now hold steadily on to Maurua [Maupiti]." Then cried his sister, Hina, Upon the foaming waves: "O Ru! " "lt is Maurua: let its watchword be, Great Maurua forever." Ru sang again: "I am drawing, drawing thee to land, Te-apori, O Te-apori!

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