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Winds over the plant were forecast to blow from the northwest during Wednesday, which would take radiation toward the Pacific Ocean. Authorities warned that people would expose themselves to other medical problems by needlessly taking potassium iodide in the hope of protection from cancer. ” Japanese media have became more critical of Kan’s handling of the disaster and criticized the government and plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co.Fears of transpacific nuclear fallout sent consumers scrambling for radiation antidotes in the U. for their failure to provide enough information on the incident.

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About 850,000 households in the north were still without electricity in near-freezing weather, Tohuku Electric Power Co.Flames were no longer visible at the building housing the reactor, but TV pictures showed rising smoke or steam.A helicopter flew to the site to drop water into the No. 4, where the fire broke out, as “not so good.” Nuclear experts said the solutions being proposed to quell radiation leaks at the complex were last-ditch efforts to stem what could well be remembered as one of the world’s worst industrial disasters.The full extent of the destruction was slowly becoming clear as rescuers combed through the tsunami-torn region north of Tokyo where officials say at least 10,000 people were killed.Whole villages and towns have been wiped off the map by the wall of water, triggering an international humanitarian effort of epic proportions.“This government is useless,” Masako Kitajima, a Tokyo office worker in her 50s, said as radiation levels ticked up in the city.

Kan himself lambasted the operator for taking so long to inform his office about one of the blasts on Tuesday.

Arnie Gundersen, a 39-year veteran of the nuclear industry, now chief engineer at Fairwinds Associates Inc and who worked on reactor designs similar to Daiichi plant, said 50 or so people could not babysit six nuclear plants.

“That evacuation (of 750 workers) is a sign they may be throwing in the towel,” Gundersen said.

Panic over the economic impact of last Friday’s massive earthquake and tsunami knocked 0 billion off Japan’s stock market over the first two days of this week, but the Nikkei index rebounded on Wednesday to end up 5.68 percent.

Nevertheless, estimates of losses to Japanese output from damage to buildings, production and consumer activity ranged from between 10 and 16 trillion yen (5-0 billion), up to one-and-a-half times the economic losses from the devastating 1995 Kobe earthquake.

Damage to Japan’s manufacturing base and infrastructure is also threatening significant disruption to the global supply chain, particularly in the technology and auto sectors.

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