Updating an xml file

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'In this case, the current value of the key property of 'the Form Collection is used to find the appropriate 'field_value element (more on this later).'Call the load XMLFile method, passing in the newly edited 'XML file and the style sheet. Form(x) End If Next This is the code that does all the work of updating the XML file. This method queries the XML file for a single node that matches the query that is passed into the function.

We will also apply the edits to the XML file on the server.

We can use the same technique here to transform the XML file.

Lets take a look at the XML and XSL files that will be used.

Lets take one more look at the following piece of code: For x = 1 to Request. Keep another thing in mind, the query always starts from the current context.

When the select Single Mode function is called in this example, it is from the context of the root element of the XML file.

The first step is to load the file that you want to edit and display it on the browser in an HTML form.

In the sample, XML Transformations on the Server I covered how, using the Microsoft XMLDOM Object, an XML file could be transformed by an XSL file for display.

The second is update XML which applys the edits to the XML file.'----------------------------------------------------------- 'The "load XMLFile" Function accepts two parameters.

'str XMLFile - The path and file name of the XML file.

This example assumes that you are familiar with ASP, XML and HTML 4.0.

This article is a follow up to the Saving HTML Form Data to XML article.

Starting from the root element, the “id” attribute for each XML “field” element is written to the “id” and “name” attributes of an HTML text field.

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