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Each time another of our contemporaries falls for a young tour guide or waiter, we smile knowingly at each other and say: 'It's another case of MMD', knowing it's just a matter of time until another heart is broken. In what now seems like a terrible cliché, Ali was my tour guide.

I hoped we'd be together for the rest of our lives. In October 2009, an American woman tracked me down via Facebook and revealed that Ali was a womaniser.The lady, a former wife of one of his nephews, used the word 'player' to sum up the love of my life and urged me not to believe anything that he had told me.While part of me had always wondered whether Ali was faithful given that we saw each other so infrequently, having it broken to me in such a way was devastating.I flattered myself that this was a relationship of equals.Still, aware that the cultural differences between us were bound to impact on our relationship, I resolved to be as pragmatic as possible about our future.It was then that I started to meet women like myself, many with tales far worse than my own.

In Syria, I met Sonia, 52, whose rash romance and ultimate rejection I described earlier.Desperate for reassurance, I emailed Ali and the cruelty of his response still stings.'I'm very fed up and don't want a relationship with anyone at all,' was his stark one-line reply.The next morning, before I had a chance to relate my experience to the others on the tour, a lady I will call Sonia divulged that she too had visited Samir's room with a question about the tour the night before.From the breathless excitement with which she spoke about the experience, it became clear that this time Samir's attentions had been met with a far more welcoming reception.Indeed, by the end of the tour Sonia was hooked, returning to the UK on cloud nine believing that she had found her perfect match.

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