Duji dating

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Duji dating

Student emails every Claudia at his college after missed connection on Tinder. Enzo Amore accuser says WWE wrestler knocked her out during sexual assault. Pentagon document confirms existence of Russian doomsday torpedo. Marvel creator Stan Lee accused of sexual harassment. Rover reveals some surprising news about B2's parents.

Dieter skipped out on dinner with the crew to workout. Managing partner at Barley House calls in to tell their side of Youtube stars claiming they were assaulted. Matt Lauer fired over sexual misconduct allegations.

Victoria Secret caught on video rapping the N-word along with a Cardi B song. Man tries to pay ticket with pennies, choked by guard and defecates self.

Illinois woman busted for torching her SUV with flamethrower. Live from Memphis, Tennessee aboard Rolling Glory One. Charlie and Dieter recap their encounters with the homeless people of Memphis.

Is Nadz telling the truth about his car breaking down? Murder charges announced for 5 teens after rock thrown from overpass kills man. Moms are freaking out that Moana costume is cultural appropriation.

Duji went wedding dress shopping with Jeffrey's wife. Strongsville police investigate stabbing death of middle school teacher.

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger sued for banning men from a comedy show. Man shocked to find out that not everyone uses a poop knife. CVS bans photo manipulation for store beauty brands. 50 Cent says he could beat Conor Mc Gregor in a street fight. Swatting call leads to innocent man getting killed. Rover and the crew are going to be the grand marshals of the Browns parade. Charlie becomes an astronaut and shows us around the facility.

Google, Twitter face new lawsuits alleging discrimination against conservative voices. Boy dies from rabies after being scratched by sick bat. Katlyn, a 22 year old administrative assistant, comes in for The Hook-up. Communications Coordinator for Kennedy Space Center, Kenna Pell, stops by.

Jeffrey’s son shows off his family’s Christmas decorations.

Bakery refusing to sell wedding cake to gay couple case reaches Supreme Court. Dieter is still eating his stinky chicken he prepared 2 weeks ago.

Father lunges at Larry Nassar in court before being restrained. Rover is canceling a trip to take Duji's daughter to Daddy/Daughter dance. Rover and the crew find an old picture of Saskeith.

Internet craze No Lackin Challenge where people pull out guns to film people’s reactions. Memphis pastor admits sexual incident with high school student 20 years ago.

KISS forced an interviewer to remove his Iron Maiden shirt.