Jquery not validating on submit

02-Apr-2020 09:17 by 3 Comments

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Using the above code, after the form has been submitted, if the user clicks the browser Back button then the submit button remains disabled.

In this example, you can click the first button as many times as you want.

handler first checks to see whether the form is already in the process of submitting (second click).

If so it displays an alert and disables the submit button to prevent further attempts to submit the form.

What is the HTML (or related) standard behavior expected for the browser if the user makes double click on a submit button?

I'm seeing that IE11 process a double click as only one click but Google Chrome interprets double click as two submit operations actually.

To test, click the Submit button twice in quick succession.

On the second click an alert window will be displayed, while the form continues submitting (from the first click) in the background.

Rather than simply disabling the button, we can also change the text so that people don't get confused.

This example first disables the button and then changes the label from "Submit" to "Please wait...".

In practice this can cause a form to be submitted, or some other event triggered, more than once.

The second button however will only accept a single click and ignore all subsequent clicks.

The reason to use Java Script is that it disables the submit button instantaneously. I have some field validation, can I disable submit button after all validations are OK?